A Holiday Shopping Guide Pt 2

We took care of Part One, and now it’s time for Part Two!!  Not much time left to shop for Christmas, and if you’re ordering online, you’d best do it fast or you’re going to end up paying as much for shipping as the gift itself to get it on time!

Here’ a look at a few more things that will make that Geek on your holiday shopping list squee with joy.

Eureka: 501 Adventure Plots to Inspire Game Masters is truly a work of mastery. Pulled together by the wonderful fellows over at Gnome Stew, this 310 page book is one amazing book that will serve your tabletop gaming needs for years to come.  Each adventure plot is completely system neutral, meaning you can plug the themes and ideas in to just about anything.  Not only is this a great thing to read cover-to-cover, it’s great to have displayed proudly on the gaming shelf.  Purchase for $25 on Engine Publishing.

This little lovely is a white Xbox 360 Christmas ornament.  With Hallmark making a killing on Christmas ornaments, why not support a smaller seller and get something a little more personal for your resident video gamer.  After all, I know I’d be a proud Gamer to have this adorn my tree. Check out the Etsy Shop here.

“Keep Calm” is probably the classiest internet meme I’ve ever seen, and this little lovely will set you back between $11 and $17 (minus the frame) on Queen Spoof’s Etsy.  With loads of options to choose from, I think this is my favorite.  I’d like it in Brick or Clay to put in my entryway, thanks. ;)

This ice cube gives your drinks an extra nerdy flair!  Just be careful not to set up a full Tetris line, or you’ll lose all the ice!  A perfect stocking stuffer at only $7, you can find the Iceblox ice cube tray over at Think Geek.

The Mandalorians are pretty much the baddest of the bade dudes in the universe.  Yeah, they’re bad enough dudes to rescue the President.  But will they?  That’s another question entirely.  For the Wo-mando on your Christmas list, it doesn’t get much better than this adorable pj set from Her Universe.  In fact, just about anything from Her Universe would make a wonderful gift.  It’s like a treasure chest in an internet full of “unisex” and “manwear”.  But this pretty much takes the cake.  Purchase at Her Universe for $35.


A Holiday Shopping Guide

This is part one. :)  With the holidays fast approaching, if you haven’t found that special gift for your special geek, then you really need to jump on the opportunity!  I know I’m one of them.  Between work and finals, Christmas shopping has been pretty low on the priority list.  I hadn’t even put up the Christmas tree until this weekend!

So what are some spectacular gifts for the nerds on your list this year?  Well let me be so kind as to take you on a little trip around the internets.

Star Wars Year by Year: A Visual Chronicle.  If your Star Wars nut doesn’t have a copy of this yet, she needs one!  This 320 page hard-cover includes stunning illustrations, concept arts, and photographic stills taking readers through the beginning stages of A New Hope all the way through the second season of the currently airing Clone Wars series on Cartoon Network.  Contained in each book are two random glossy images suitable for framing as well.  Purchase on Amazon for about $30.

Is your Star Wars fan already a proud owner of the above coffee-table book?  Fear not.  The Jedi Path: A Manual for Students of the Force is an amazing gift.  The 160 page book is sealed inside of a working “vault” that makes a wonderfully appropriate hissing noise as the book rises from it’s container.  Contained with the book is a Padawan’s braid, a Starfighter patch, a letter tracing the book’s history, and more.  Many reputable Jedi have added commentary directly into these pages, including esteemed Jedi Masters Yoda, Qui-Gon Jin, and Obi-Wan Kenobi.  For $70, this isn’t a cheap gift, but one that you can be certain will be greatly appreciated.  Purchase here on Amazon .

Your geek isn’t a Star Wars fan?  Not to worry, not to worry.  I’ve got you covered.

The “House Brawl” T-shirt from Threadless has rapidly become the best selling T-shirt ever for the site.  Perfect for any Harry Potter fans on your list, this shirt comes in a hoodie as well as a men’s cut T-shirt and a women’s cut T-shirt!  And at $12, it’s a complete steal!  Pick up one for yourself as well, you smart shopper!  Purchase on Threadless.

Geek Soap is probably one of the most amazing websites I’ve ever seen.  There are TONS of sellers of geeky soaps on the internet, especially over on one of my favorite websites, Etsy.  But Geek Soap is an entity all to itself.  With high-quality, high-clarity soaps made with clean lines and a scent described as “invigorating lime-mint”.  With a soap to please every manner of geek, there’s no way she won’t be thinking about you in the shower when she’s scrubbing down with a bar of this!  Purchase at Geek Soap for prices that won’t clean out your wallet!

Sharkrobot has some great T-shirts, and perhaps my favorite amongst them is the Pokemon “Strollin” shirt.  While it does cost an extra $2 for the ladies’ T-shirts, having the option for that perfect fit is better than settling for the “Unisex” that never looks right anyway.  And for the Pokefan on your list, there’s nothing better than re-encouraging the use of that Pokewalker during the cold winter months.  Purchase at Sharkrobot for about $20.

Shiro Cosmetics is my first discovery in the world of geeky make-up.  With the option to purchase a number of sample sizes for extremely reasonable prices (as low as $5), these beautiful loose eyeshadows come in a wide variety of colors, each with an appropriately nerdy theme.  Pictured above is her “Super Effect” collection, though I highly suggest checking out her “Legends” collection with a ton of Zelda-inspired colors.  Everything is available for purchase on her Etsy Store!

Betrayal at House on the Hill is one of my favorite board games of all time.  Previously out-of-print, Wizards of the Coast has picked up the licence and revived this well-deserving game.  I’ve only played it once, but it was so much fun!  With a cooperative nature and an element of betrayal and a game that’s different every time you play, it’s great for the gamer who’s played a few board games before.  It’s NOT for gamers who have never played anything other than Life or Monopoly.  But for those who have already experienced some Settlers of Catan or Pandemic, it’s a great purchase!  But on Amazon for about $30.

Not seeing anything here yet that strikes your fancy or quite fits your resident nerd?  Don’t fret.  There’s at least one more Shopping Guide on the way just in time for the holidays!

A New Hope for Fashion

So, my 21st birthday is tomorrow. And for the last week, I’ve been considering doing a post like the one I did back at Christmas time about gifts that would make a gamer girl’s heart sing.  But with this week being consumed with finals and whatnot, I didn’t find a lot of time for blogging.  However, I did find time for this:

A New Hope 1

That is what you think it is.  It is a really feminine, really cute, really AWESOME dress made from vintage Star Wars fabric. The Vintage Doctor has a large host of similar dresses (including two other Star Wars dresses not included here) as well as a ton of corsets and even a couple of “tops”.

Designer Sarah P has been in business for about seven years now, and she runs a one-woman operation to create this absolute masterpieces.  It takes her at least sixteen hours to complete a single piece (I’m guessing dresses take longer), and the price is determined via the availability of the fabric.  All of the fabrics used are completely legal and sometimes hunted down from entirely different countries.  She also takes special request orders!

The dress I’m featuring here is $185.  Who wants to get me a Gift Certificate? :D

More pics below~

New Hope 2

New Hope 3

New Hope 4

Don We Now Our Game Apparel!

I know I already did one Christmas shopping list on Game Apparel, but when you really start to dig into the internet, you come up with SO much of it! And honestly, as far as clothing is concerned, prices on this awesome T-shirts are extremely reasonable. (Especially when you get back from the mall after looking through American Eagle and Hollister and such and realize they want $30+ for a T-shirt sized big enough for your ten-year-old cousin.)

Here’s some apparel from J!NX, a really exciting website I came upon by chance. On the website right now, they also have a handy “Holiday Gift Guide.” Here are a few of the T-shirts they offer in the “For Her” section. (I’m starting to realize that I gravitate toward Space Invader themed items…)

Magic Missle


Way of the Woman

Onna Otaku

Talk Nerdy to Me


Tetris God

Like a Girl

Next we’ll move onto Split Reason. This website is absolutely to DIE for. I just might. ^.^ Here’s a selection of the best T-shirts. Go show them some love and look for these wonderful designs.

AT ATAwesome
LinkSplit Reason

Tying back into the fact that I put up a couple items from the webcomic Megatokyo, I figured it was just fine that I’d put up a few items from my seriously all time favorite webcomic, Control-Alt-Delete. If you’re not familiar with the comic, you need to be. After all, every gamer should be celebrating Wintereenmas.


This is the 2010 Wintereenmas design. It’s a D-pad made into a snowflake. That is awesome. You should get it. But not before me. And I want this in both the baby tee and the hooded sweatshirt. ^.^

Here’s a couple more T-shirt designs.

Player 4LOLcat
Lasers4 Player

Other things I want involving Ctrl-Alt-Del? Glad you asked… They have posters, mugs, and books of the comics. <3.

And here concludes Wishlist, part 3.  One more part to go~

Sometimes, Button Mashing Proves Amazing

In the world of video games, there are many genres.  One of my personal favorites is the Fighter games.  Fighters are often looked down on slightly as not requiring a lot of skill.  There are a handful of fighters out there, yes, that don’t follow this particular trend and that the majority of the gaming world embraces.  But for the most part, “button mashing” tends to be a standard part of any Fighter game.

Now, being a SELF-RESPECTING Fighter player, I pride myself on avoiding the button-mashing tendencies of these games.  When I purchased Soul Calibur II for the Nintendo Gamecube, I immediately fell in love with Seung Mina.  From that moment on, it became my sincerest goal to master her moves and techniques.  I wrote out all the combos in a notebook in order to help improve my cognitive recall of the sometimes complex patterns.  I added descriptions to their official titles so I’d know what each move was without having to perform it to find out.  (In fact, my favorite was one I just called “Repeated Pokey Thingie.”)  However, with that being said, I don’t think that any fighter is really above mashing buttons at some point.  When facing an opponent who is vastly stronger than yourself, sometimes you just can’t help it.  When you’re playing the same boss for the third time, and he’s still kicking your ass, you may lapse into just hitting a bunch of random buttons in hopes that some amazing combo will appear and get you to the next level.

And while that button mashing may occasionally get you past a level, you must not devolve into doing it all the time.  It will quickly become as annoying to your human opponents as what is known as “move whoring.”  (We’ll discuss my anger about move whoring at a later date.)

However, thanks to the great god of StumbleUpon, I came across the following this morning…

Epic T-Shirt of Win

Apparently, button mashing can turn Ryu into an ivory-tickling mastermind.  Who’da thunk “HADOKEN!” could turn into “MOONLIGHT SONATA BIZNATCHES!” …?

Epic T-shirt of win can be purchased here!