Holy guacamole, have you guys watched Archer? This show is pure brilliance. The writing is unbelievably solid.

I’ve been watching it on loop on Netflix for over a week now. I can’t stop myself. Every time through I find something else brilliant about it!

Not to mention spies are awesome.


A Zombie Blogger Has Appeared!

That’s what happens when you rise from the dead, right? You become a zombie?

Well that’s what I’m going to call this regardless.

This quick little post is just here to let you know that I’m back! I’ve done some serious revamping to the site here, and the focus of the blog is officially changing. I am now professionally writing in two locations (Word of the Nerd and The Gaming Security Agency), so this blog is going to be for shorter and perhaps more amusing posts that I feel like putting up.

Basically, I realized there was a hole somewhere between what I’m writing professionally and what I can shove into a tweet. So back to HPJ we’ve come! This site has always been a labor of love, and I can’t promise extremely regular updates, but I am very glad to have a place back that I can express myself in a bit more of a freeform style.

I’m looking forward to getting back to writing here and hopefully getting to know some of my readers at the same time!

For Relief

By now, I’m sure the entire anime-watching world is intimately familiar with the natural disasters that occurred recently in the land of the rising sun. Between the earthquake, tsunami and the nuclear reactor scares, Japan has shown nothing but stoic bravery and some of the finest examples of humanity in the face of disaster.

But Thursday morning at 10:32 AM EST, (11:32 PM local Japanese time) Japan was hit with another earthquake. The quake measured 7.4 on the Richter scale (though the US Geological Survey is reporting the quake measured 7.1) and affected the eastern coast of Honshu. NPR’s Greg Dixon reported that the shaking lasted for 2 minutes. Japan’s meteorological society issued a tsunami warning, the worst predictions being for the Miyagi prefecture, though also includes the Iwate, Fukushima and Ibaraki prefectures. The warnings were lifted just a few hours later without incident.

Thankfully, the workers at the Fukushima Dai-Iichi nuclear plants have reported there are no new problems at any of the six reactors at that plant.

On March 15, George Takei said via Twitter, “In this crisis, we are all Japanese.” I, for one, truly feel this way and my heart goes out to all the families still struggling overseas. Japan still needs our help, and for all the wonderful times that country has given us through video games and anime, we should be the first to offer whatever help we can and the last to put the relief effort behind us.

In that vein, the following are ways that you can help the relief efforts in Japan.

The Red Cross is still accepting donations to help the relief effort directly.  A donation from the Red Cross must be a minimum of $10, but can be done via any major credit card (including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express).

The Save the Children organization is also accepting donations that will be used to help the children facing this disaster.  Donations can be made in any amount here, so don’t be freaked out by the options listed.

UNICEF is also currently accepting donations in any amount.

A group called Your Action is keeping a list of running charity events for the Japanese relief projects in the New York area.  If you’re in the tri-state area there, consider attending one of the benefits or concerts listed there.  Your Action also lists a number of items that can be purchased to help support the relief effort.

Gwen Stefani is sponsoring a fundraiser in which you have the option to purchase a T-shirt for $40 and then add on extra donations to the relief effort should you so choose.  100% of the net profits from this fundraiser are being donated to the relief efforts via the Red Cross.

Hope – Japan is a nonprofit group of artists working to help Japanese victims of the earthquakes and tsunamis as well as those suffering from radiation sickness.  Each of the 36 artists has designed a pin.  If the $40 price point for the Gwen Stefani tee is too rich for your blood, these wonderful pins are only $3 a pop, and 100% of the proceeds are being used to support the relief efforts.

Linkin Park, in conjunction with Download to Donate has created two t-shirt designs to support the relief effort.  These t-shirts available in either men’s or women’s cuts are $25 each and offer 100% of the net profits to disaster relief.

A quick search on the iTunes store will lead you to “Songs for Japan,” a digital album of 38 chart-toppers including artists such as Josh Groban, Katy Perry, U2, Bruno Mars, and Lady Antebellum.  For $9.99, the proceeds will help aid the Japanese Red Cross in their struggle to rebuild.

Remember that when donating directly to any of these organizations, you are doing a huge amount of good.  Any amount of money can help feed a hungry child for another day or get some much-needed medications over to the elderly.  $10 is nothing when you think about it.  Just going without Starbucks for a week would give you more than enough spare funds to donate.

And, to be honest, when people are suffering so deeply in this nation we owe so much to, I think we could all go a week without coffee.

If anyone else has places people can go to donate funds or support the relief efforts in any other way, please leave them in the comments section.

Warmest Wishes

From  my heart to yours, from my family to yours, I’d like to wish you a Happy Holidays.  Merry Christmas.  Festive Yule.  Happy Hanukkah.  Happy Kwanza.  Whatever it is you celebrate, I hope it is full of holiday cheer and warmth and love.

Remember that the holidays are about being with those you love and are close to.  Hot Pink Joysticks will return after the holidays with new posts and content.

Christmas Meowth Copyright to Nakira on DeviantArt.

Snow Festival

Well, up here in the frozen lands known in my household as Hoth (in reality and to normal people, Fargo, North Dakota), we’ve had our first snow.  Snows.  Plural.  It’s been a rough few days in the weather department, and the sudden dump of frozen moisture coupled with massive winds have created a big fat blizzard that’s keeping my husband and I from getting to my family for Thanksgiving.

Thankfully, we’ve postponed the big meal, so the red velvet cheesecake I’m baking won’t be a waste. ^.^

But since there’s so much out there, I thought I’d try to put a bit of a happier spin on things.  In Japan, there are probably thousands of different festivals over the year across the country.  I stumbled upon a website featuring the Kamakura Snow Festival in Yokote City of the Akita Prefecture.

This festival has been celebrated for more than 400 years in Yokote.  The festival is meant to honor Shinto deities, especially the Water gods.  People build mounded rooms out of snow called kamakura and serve sweets and a fermented rice brew to passerby who are encouraged to come in and chat.  Countless miniature kamakura are built up and lit with candles to provide offerings of sake and rice cakes to the gods.  It is known as a very striking and romantic scene after the sun sets with hundreds upon hundreds glowing snow mounds lining the streets.

Shibuya426.com has a number of very informative and beautiful image heavy posts on Japan, and one of them explores the February 2010 Kamakura Snow Festival.  I’ve chosen a few of my favorite of the images to include here.  For more, please check out the Original Post!

A small offering to the Shinto gods

Full Sized Kamakura

Many Kamakura lined up in a row

Makes me want to celebrate Kamakura a little early over here in the states! ^.^

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part One

Midnight, November 19th.  After months of anticipation and two-and-a-half hours of standing outside in below-freezing temperatures huddled in many layers of Potter apparel, I was ushered into my local theater with hundreds of other Harry Potter fans.  A local radio station was passing out trivia sheets and the local news networks had already been out asking questions about what would possibly possess us to endure such temperatures for a movie.

And with trembling anticipation, the lights dimmed in the theater.  The cold was finally starting to seep out of my bones and I could feel painful tingles in my toes, but my discomfort was forgotten as the logo I have come to love filtered onto the screen.  Hedwig’s Theme played in an eerie tinkling and the audience around me burst into excited squeals and a smattering of applause.

The moment had arrived.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part One

I started typing this review as soon as I got home at 3:30 AM, but between the post-movie glory and the realization that I had been up for about twenty hours, I decided that it was best to give myself some time to digest everything.  And I come to you now with a review.  The first portion of the review will NOT contain spoilers.  I’ll then insert an image and a reminder that I’m going to spoil some things, and then it’ll be the total nerdy-freakout I can put out there.

Deathly Hallows was overall a very good, solid film.  It’s quite the change from the last six movies — considering that none of the movie takes place inside Hogwarts.  It creates a film that is refreshingly different from the previous six without being completely disjointed from the overall storyline.

The start of the film was a little bit rough.  There were a number of things that WB had neglected to include in previous films that were now important in this seventh film.  One of the biggest was the eldest Weasley boy — Bill.  Having never been mentioned at all before, he needed to be introduced before the Wedding scenes.  The sudden insertion of him as a character, explaining to Harry in about a second-and-a-half that the scars on his face were from a werewolf called Greyback (a character who also had not previously been mentioned in the films) was a bit jarring.

I am of the firm opinion that splitting the movie into two segments was a wonderful idea.  At first, I admit I wasn’t sure about the whole thing.  It seemed like a ploy for Warner Brothers to stretch the series out just a little bit further before losing the massive flow of money Harry Potter has created for them.  But after seeing the film, I am more than a little thankful that WB made that choice.  Separating the book into two movies has allowed WB to better pace the film, keeping the humorous bits movie-goers have grown accustomed to in the WB Potter films, and maintain an amazingly accurate portrayal of the last book in a decade-long saga.  In fact, after seeing Deathly Hallows, I find myself wishing that WB had split all the books from Goblet of Fire onward into two films!

Though speaking of pacing, while it was usually quite good, there were a few places where the progression of the story seemed a little wonky.  It’s not that I was ever disengaged from the film or confused about what was going on, but there were times when I felt things weren’t moving quite fast enough or were progressing at a pace just slightly too fast.

The music was wonderful.  It wasn’t a phenomenal John Williams score, but Alexandre Desplat did a very good job.  The music was always very fitting to the situations at hand and was never distracting from the action going on.

The ending for the film was wonderful.  I know there are people out there who think it shouldn’t have ended where it did, but from a film-maker’s standpoint, I can see exactly why they put the split where they did.  Watching that scene (no spoilers~!) was a very chilling moment and a great cliffhanger to get the casual movie-goers to come back for Part 2.

Coming up after the pretty image, SPOILERS.  I’ll be providing a list of Fangasming things I loved, and things I hated.

Deathly Hallows Poster

Things I Hated

I wanted to start with this list because it’s shorter and probably a bit more insignificant in the long run.  Remember, what I type here may spoil parts of the film for you.  This is your last warning.

  • Harry and Ginny’s Kiss in the BurrowThis was the most awkward kiss I have ever seen.  Neither of them seemed to enjoy it, and it was completely out of the blue.  It seemed strangely placed, forced, and unpleasant.  also, it was George that walked in on them, and while the toothbrush sticking out of his ear-hole was hilarious, it was NOT accurate to the book.
  • No Flashback of Voldemort murdering the PottersThis was something I had really been looking forward to.  Seeing the murder of Harry’s parents through Voldemort’s eyes could have been such a powerful, amazing scene, but instead all we got was Harry bursting through a wall into what must have been his nursery and then more fighting with Nagini.
  • The Deluminator – I wanted to see the little ball of blue light go into Ron and lead him back. >.>
  • Hermione used Obliviate When Hermione sent her parents off to Australia in the books, she did NOT use Obliviate.  That spell has always carried a sense of permanency.  Like, her parents would never remember her again, at least the way the spell works in the books.  In the book, she had worked some memory rebuilding magic, erasing her from their memories and changing them into different people in their own memories until she could reverse the spell.
  • Missing Luna’s bedroom The scenes in the Lovegood house were very well done in general, though I was extremely disappointed that we didn’t get to see Luna’s bedroom.  I thought it was a very poignant moment for Harry to see how much his friendship meant to Luna, and that missing piece was disappointing to me personally.
  • Kreacher’s Tale Kreacher’s tale was another powerful moment in the book.  It gave great insight into Kreacher’s character as well as the nature of House Elves in general.  It made Kreacher likable, even.  Kreacher, however, didn’t get a chance to tell his story in the film adaptation.
  • Lack of Disguises Harry Potter is UNDESIRABLE NUMBER ONE.  Yet somehow, despite the fact that Voldemort is seeking him out with an absolute fervor, Harry Potter is wandering around the world WITHOUT his Invisibility Cloak and WITHOUT the protection of Polyjuice Potion disguises.  In the books, Harry and his crew are extremely careful about Harry being seen, even Disapparating underneath the Invisibility cloak.  Yet in the film, he’s even completely undisguised at the WEDDING.

Well, there you go.  That’s the list of stuff I hated.  Now for the much more pleasant list.  Prepare for super-gushing.

Things I Loved

There were about a million things to love in this movie.  This was easily one of my favorite movies of all time, not just one of my favorite of the Potter films.  Some of the best bits are detailed here:

  • Dobby Everything about him.  When he reappeared, he looked so wonderful, so real.  His voice was perfect, and his mannerisms were great.  But the most amazing thing was when he took Narcissa’s wand and she looked at him, perplexed and horrified that her former slave was defying her, and Bellatrix tried to belittle him, but Dobby wouldn’t have it.  He looked up at Bellatrix and asserted that “Dobby is a FREE elf.  Dobby has NO Master.”  My theater erupted in applause at this.  Then, a minute later, Dobby had rescued his friends and lay dying in Harry’s arms from Bellatrix’s dagger.  He looks up at Harry and as the young wizard is screaming for someone to help, Dobby reassures him — “This… is a beautiful place… to be with friends.”  I bawled.
  • Harry and Hermione Dancing – This scene was not in the books, but it was absolutely wonderful.  Just after Ron has left and Hermione is in a very depressed funk, she and Harry and listening to the radio and a rather upbeat song comes on.  Harry stands up and takes Hermione’s hand and dances awkwardly with her until she starts to smile at the absurdity of it all.  I thought it was a ridiculously adorable scene.
  • Fluer’s Wedding Dress – I knew it wouldn’t be typical.  A traditional wedding dress couldn’t possibly suit the world of Harry Potter OR a half-veela.  But what would it be like?  Maybe I was extra conscious of this because I just got married myself, but Fluer’s wedding dress was absolutely gorgeous.  Twin phoenixes in black embroidery wound down the beautiful A-line dress.  It was perfect.
  • The Seven Potters – This scene was HILARIOUS.  Watching Fred, George, Fluer, Hermione, Mundungus, and Ron transform into Harry was absolutely amazing.  Daniel Radcliffe acted this amazingly; adopting the personalities of other characters looking like Harry couldn’t have been easy!  And there’s honestly very little more hilarious than seeing Harry Potter in a bra and skirt asserting that he’s ” ‘ideous”.
  • “Bathilda Bagshot” – OH GOD SHE WAS SO CREEPY!  But it was perfect because it wasn’t REALLY Bathilda.  Her eyes were so wide, and her face gaunt.  She moved silently and a with a jerky, unnatural fashion.  Just wonderful!
  • The Locket Destruction – It was bigger and more terrifying than I had imagined.  Seeing phantom Harry and Hermione groping each other and trying to devalue Ron was so powerful.  It was tense and HUGE.  Watching Ron triumph over it was extremely touching.
  • Three Brothers Animation – Since the story of the Three Brothers is so vital to the story of the Deathly Hallows, the story needed to be told in the film.  So Hermione reads the whole thing out loud in Xenophilious’ home.  Instead of just focusing on the people in the room the whole time she reads, an animated sequence came one.  All done in black and a parchment-y yellow, this animation sequence was absolutely amazing.  It was beautiful and slightly creepy and had this oddly sweeping quality to it, like it just picked you up and swept you away.
  • Hermione’s Bag – It wasn’t quite how I imagined it, but it was the perfect size!
  • Beautiful Scenery – They really found some gems to film in.  The woods were beautiful, as was the beach and this weird rocky mountain plateau they filmed on.  Wonderful, wonderful~
  • Umbridge’s Office – The pamphlets and the files, the pink… It was all so Umbridge, and so conform-y creepy.
  • Decoy Detonators – These little gems are what Harry uses in both the book and the film to sneak into Umbridge’s office.  In the book, it wasn’t really explained how they worked or what they looked like.  In the film, you got to really see it.  These little jet black half-sphere things with feet scuttled across the room, splitting  up into more and more little buggers that suddenly sprouted jet-black bugles and exploded with clouds of foul olive-green smoke.
  • Ron – Even when he was being a jerk.  While Ron has always been the comic relief in the films, it didn’t seem forced or awkward in this film.  It was wonderful.  Ron was just BEING Ron, and it was HILARIOUS.  He’d do things or say things that were slightly bumbling, and it was just naturally funny.

Well!  There you have it!  This movie was really strong, and I don’t regret going to see it.  I’m already highly anticipating the release of Part Two, while also dreading it slightly.

I’m not sure if I’m ready for the end of this Saga.

Everything Changes

It’s Evolutionary.

Okay, enough Pokemon referencing.  For now.  I just wanted to let everyone know that things around here are (again) going through some minor changes.  I’ve been working on some behind-the-scenes stuff, and I think I’m ready to start implementing this new plan around here.

I’m looking at pushing this blog to the next level, with more regular posts and perhaps a move off the free wordpress site.  If I can find the time and funding, I might be moving Hot Pink Joysticks to it’s very own domain, which would mean all sorts of new toys and excitement around here.  But before I get to that, I want to prove to myself and my readers that the blog is ready for that.

What that means for you is a slight restructuring of posting formats and categories as well as a more stable posting schedule.  I will be posting about three or four times a week now, and using Twitter and Facebook for more random things.  You’ll be able to see my Twitter feed on the blog (thanks to a handy little Widget), and my Facebook page is found easy as cake with a quick search of “Hot Pink Joysticks” inside Facebook itself.

Specific segments will now include Fresh-Twist Reviews, Previewpalooza, The Featurette, Strings and Things, and Snippets and Snapshots.  Not every post I do will fit into one of these five categories, but they’ll be the main features on the site for awhile.  I may come back to the GM Project a little later on.

I’ll also be continuing my work on the Anime Addicts Anonymous blog.  Updates on those posts will be stuck up in Twitter and on the Facebook page.  ^.^

Thank you all for your patience, and let’s look forward to a new chapter in Hot Pink Joystick’s bloggy lifetime.

Geeks in Love

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted here.  I’m sure going to try and be better about that now.  The major thing that kept me from posting was, of course, the wedding.  Though the whole full-time student thing has been sort of a drag as well.  I’m working on getting some new things put together for Hot Pink Joysticks.

So I thought I would give you all a little look at my wedding, which was nerdy as I could make it without getting completely over the top.  I hope you’ll appreciate the geeky little details!

Ben and I were married on September 4th, 2010.  We tied the knot in my hometown church, a very small church nestled in a beautiful valley.

Wedding Dress
My dress was beautiful. An Alfred Angelo that was very fitted in the bodice and had more skirt than I knew what to do with. I’m talking almost two and a half feet of train.

The details on the dress were beautiful. This is the back, and it looked gorgeous bustled and out full.

My veil was pretty unique. Most veils have detailing around the bottoms and edges. This was a “reverse veil” with the detailing in the top. It worked perfectly because it didn’t distract from the dress’s details. And you can sorta see my hair in this picture, which I did in a style inspired by Padme Amidala from the Prequel Star Wars trilogy.

As much as I wanted the Storm Trooper heels, I ended up with these lovely red shoes. Maybe they were like my Wizard of Oz slippers? XD

The favors were stacked up and done in our wedding colors — Claret, Jade, and Gold. Inside the little treasure boxes were a few Hello Panda snacks, a Japanese flower candy, and either a pomegranate or guava chew.

My nails! I ordered them from a great seller on Etsy (whom I’ll probably feature here soon), and I chose them because they reminded me of the anime Rozen Maiden. Though I’ve also been told that they’re reminiscent of Darth Maul and Darth Talon. I’m okay with ANY of these.

Here’s a sampling of the colors. I always hesitate to say “red and green” because people think “Christmas”. But our colors weren’t very Christmas-y at all.

On my bridal bouquet, I had a Cyndaquil charm. I chose it because Cyndaquil is a first-evolutionary stage Pokemon and symbolizes that my love for my husband has a lot of room to grow. He’s also a fire-type, which is reminiscent of how warm and wonderful love is.

My bridesmaids all got a Jirachi charm. Being the Pokemon Wishmaker, it was a symbol of how Ben and I would be working together to make our dreams come true.

Han and Leia
These were our cake toppers. Done in the traditional Japanese Kokeshi-doll style, I couldn’t resist them when I found them. Though Leia did need some emergency bun surgery after taking a tumble from the top of our cake…

Champange Glass
These were our champagne flutes. Yes, they do say “Live Long and Prosper.” The phrase also adorned our invitations. Who says Trekkies and Star Wars fans can’t get along?

Ben and the groomsmen had cufflinks with the Imperial insignia on them.  They were very nice, but it seems no one got a picture of them.  I’m a little disappointed of that, though I can try and snap one here to add.  Our special music was “Towa no Hana,” the opening theme to the anime Ai Yori Aoshi.  The wedding party walked in to the Hogwart’s Hymn, I entered to Tifa’s Theme, and we all recessed to Neville’s Waltz.  It was wonderful.

At the reception, we had named all of our tables and included a small blurb about what the name meant.  Most of our guests, after all, weren’t quite as nerdy as we are.  We used Stark, Wirblewind, Zelda, Hufflepuff, Naboo, Executor, Rahl, Helper, GIR, Shaak Ti, Rydia, Kokeshi, Totoro, Firefly, Hyatt, and Home One.

It was a very lovely wedding, if I do say so myself. XD  And I hope you’ve enjoyed getting a glimpse inside.

Back to My Roots

I’ve been taking a long, hard look at the blog and where I’ve gone with it.  It’s been over a year since I made my first post, and I’m not sure I’ve grown very much in the directions I wanted to go when I started it all.  So I took a little time off to just step back and think everything through.

For those of you who don’t know, I dream of someday writing full time for a gaming or anime publication.  This blog, while always being a labor of love and a way for me to express my geeky side in a public medium, is also supposed to be helping me develop a strong, unique voice before I start looking for paying work.  It’s part of the perks of being a college student — I can keep going to school to follow my dream and use my spare time to work on the blog here.

When I started Hot Pink Joysticks, I wanted to create an environment where I could express myself — and that person is both a girly girl and a nerd.  But over the past months, I’ve really lost sight of that.  I’ve become worried more about categorizing posts and creating interesting segment progressions.  I’ve been pushing myself to post daily while maintaining a broad cross-section of the nerdaverse.

Things around here are going to change.

I’m hoping that these changes will be good, not only for me, but for all of you as readers of my blog.  I’ve spent the past few days wading through the problems I was having and plotting out proper solutions.  The next two weeks are going to see a lot of changes around Hot Pink Joysticks.  Post categories will remain mostly the same, but some of the HPJ Segments will be changing.  You’ll notice the look of the blog changing as well, and maybe even the tagline, I haven’t decided that yet.

What I hope you can look forward to is a new face behind the super-pink-blog.  I hope that you will find my posts to have an even higher standard of quality than what I’ve previously been putting up.  I also hope to return to my original ideals for this blog — a feminine perspective on the nerdaverse that only a geeky woman can provide.  While the female demographic is on the rise in all areas of geeky pastimes, our voice isn’t yet truly heard.  What’s more, I want to provide a strong link between nerding and the ability to be a girly girl.  But know that I’m not attempting to alienate my male audience.  True, there will be a lot more of a feminine perspective and a lot of more “girly” topics, I’ll still be providing good quality content on news and reviews and other things that matter to geeks and nerds everywhere, regardless of gender.

Thank you for your time, HPJ readers.  I hope you continue to read, even after this mini-crisis.

The Ivories Man

Do you like video games or anime?

Of course you do.

Do you like good music?

You’d better.

Would you like to combine those two things into one, awesome, delectable, heart-pounding experience?

Well you can!  And lots of people do.  But perhaps the best of the best out there is a man by the name of Micheal Gluk, also known as Piano Squall.

Piano Squall performs arrangements of gaming and anime music on perhaps the most amazing instrument of all time – the piano.  (Now, I may be biased, after all, I’ve been playing piano since I was a mere four-years-old.)  His performances are all charitable, proceeds go to organizations like the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Race for the Cure, Baltimore Reads, the Maryland Food Bank, the Matthew Foster Foundation, and Tsunami Relief.  He’s been a guest at over thirty conventions, including some of the big-daddy anime conventions, like the massive Otakon.  Micheal has also been featured in such publications as IGN, MTV, Newtype Magazine, GamesRadar, GameDaily, The Otaku, and Destructoid.  He even toured parts of Brazil as part of a live orchestral game music concert series.

In 2007, Micheal released his debut album, also completely for charity, entitled GAME.  This album became the first ever video game/anime piano solo album to be entirely published by an independent musician. Proceeds from his album go to benefit the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Micheal’s inspiration comes from the fight he watched his grandmother struggle in with Multiple Sclerosis.  She battled the disease for forty years, and died peacefully in her sleep in 2006.  Micheal describes his grandmother as “…an endless giver both of her possessions and her love.”

Having watched my own grandfather struggle with a disease, though not MS, I understand how touching and emotional the process can be.  The fact that Micheal Gluk has been able to channel his love for his grandmother into something so wonderful, so touching, is beyond my ability to accurately portray in words.   All I can do is feature him here on my blog and help to spread his amazing message of hope and triumph — his message of following your dreams and doing what you love.

His music is beautiful, his arrangements spectacular, and his technique amazing.  I could listen to him play for hours.

Please visit Micheal “Piano Squall” Gluk’s website and purchase his album Here. For $10 — and a charitable donation at that — you will not be sorry or disappointed that you spent the money.

And if you’d like to try out some of his original arrangements for yourself, you can! He provides all of his arrangements in the form of downloadable sheet music on his website. He merely asks that if you decide to keep any of the sheet music that you consider making a donation to the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

What an amazing, charismatic man with more passion than most will ever show. Let us all try to be a little more like Piano Squall. <3