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Nateal is a 22-year-old specimen of the elusive “Geek Girl,” living in Fargo, ND (also known as American Hoth). She is navigating through collegiate labyrinth  to get a degree in Mass Communications. She proudly bounds into anything and everything even remotely geeky in her quest to experience all aspects of geek culture. Some of her favorite things include her DSLR camera, her Sheltie affectionately named Antilles, her equally geeky husband, Pokemon, Lovecraft, roleplaying, and dice. This Geek Fatale’s big geek secret is that she’s still a Con-newbie, having only experienced one GenCon.

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7 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Its wonderful to see you active again. Been worried as well as concerned. My spelling on the other hand is yet to be desired. Im Glad and pleased to see you alive and kicking with the rest of us that struggle when hits bottem…the only thing is….knowing which way is UP. So..Offering you a hand up not a hand out….Blessings hun…hope to talk soon….

  2. Hi Nateal,

    I was drawn to your website for many reasons. I’m a pink-a-holic for one. Also I’m the author of Confessions of a Part-Time Sorceress and I can’t tell you how great it feels getting a nice endorsement from a gamer who happens to be a woman. Thank you for that! I’m loving your site and will visit often. Keep up the great work!

    I too think my cat is plotting to murder me. Is this a cat thing? Please help. I’m really a dog person trapped in a tiny condo with a menacing cat.

    All the best,

    • I’m not going to lie, I seriously had a freak-out when I saw this comment. I am so excited that you are here commenting on my blog. This is a really big deal to me. I’ve read your book and absolutely loved it. In fact, it really helped me in the early times of my Dungeons and Dragons experiences!!

      Thank you so much for your response, and I hope I can continue to keep your interest here.

      Nateal Falk

  3. Dearest Nateal Falk,

    I’ve been reading your posts and I think you’re awesome.

    Keep it up, girl! I think its fabulous to be anabashedly nerdy and feminine.

    I subscribed to your blog… and I added your blog to my blogroll, if you don’t mind.

    From Far Far Away,

  4. Even though I’m not always commenting on the articles, and I’m not always reading each one right as they come out, I cam reading each and every single post.

    Just thought I’d stop by and mention that. Keep up the great work, darling. You’ve obviously got some people looking out for you (besides me).

  5. When I started reading your blog I was like, “Hmm.” And then I kept reading. That little sound turned into laughter, and then smiling ensued! Rare. A blog that made me smile!

    I love your “Anime Physics” section you have going, too great! I love reading your blog, you are an intelligent person and I love the way you word things!

    And the top banner is great! +2 Charisma for the win!

    Anyway, just dropping a note to say I’ll probably subscribe or whatever~ I look forward to reading your future entries!

    By the way, do you happen to have Xbox Live? If you do, could I add you? I’d really like to play a game with you sometime! My GamerTag is Oni No Tsura if you’re interested (and if you have XBL).

    Warden Freeman

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