Everything Changes

It’s Evolutionary.

Okay, enough Pokemon referencing.  For now.  I just wanted to let everyone know that things around here are (again) going through some minor changes.  I’ve been working on some behind-the-scenes stuff, and I think I’m ready to start implementing this new plan around here.

I’m looking at pushing this blog to the next level, with more regular posts and perhaps a move off the free wordpress site.  If I can find the time and funding, I might be moving Hot Pink Joysticks to it’s very own domain, which would mean all sorts of new toys and excitement around here.  But before I get to that, I want to prove to myself and my readers that the blog is ready for that.

What that means for you is a slight restructuring of posting formats and categories as well as a more stable posting schedule.  I will be posting about three or four times a week now, and using Twitter and Facebook for more random things.  You’ll be able to see my Twitter feed on the blog (thanks to a handy little Widget), and my Facebook page is found easy as cake with a quick search of “Hot Pink Joysticks” inside Facebook itself.

Specific segments will now include Fresh-Twist Reviews, Previewpalooza, The Featurette, Strings and Things, and Snippets and Snapshots.  Not every post I do will fit into one of these five categories, but they’ll be the main features on the site for awhile.  I may come back to the GM Project a little later on.

I’ll also be continuing my work on the Anime Addicts Anonymous blog.  Updates on those posts will be stuck up in Twitter and on the Facebook page.  ^.^

Thank you all for your patience, and let’s look forward to a new chapter in Hot Pink Joystick’s bloggy lifetime.


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