Geeks in Love

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted here.  I’m sure going to try and be better about that now.  The major thing that kept me from posting was, of course, the wedding.  Though the whole full-time student thing has been sort of a drag as well.  I’m working on getting some new things put together for Hot Pink Joysticks.

So I thought I would give you all a little look at my wedding, which was nerdy as I could make it without getting completely over the top.  I hope you’ll appreciate the geeky little details!

Ben and I were married on September 4th, 2010.  We tied the knot in my hometown church, a very small church nestled in a beautiful valley.

Wedding Dress
My dress was beautiful. An Alfred Angelo that was very fitted in the bodice and had more skirt than I knew what to do with. I’m talking almost two and a half feet of train.

The details on the dress were beautiful. This is the back, and it looked gorgeous bustled and out full.

My veil was pretty unique. Most veils have detailing around the bottoms and edges. This was a “reverse veil” with the detailing in the top. It worked perfectly because it didn’t distract from the dress’s details. And you can sorta see my hair in this picture, which I did in a style inspired by Padme Amidala from the Prequel Star Wars trilogy.

As much as I wanted the Storm Trooper heels, I ended up with these lovely red shoes. Maybe they were like my Wizard of Oz slippers? XD

The favors were stacked up and done in our wedding colors — Claret, Jade, and Gold. Inside the little treasure boxes were a few Hello Panda snacks, a Japanese flower candy, and either a pomegranate or guava chew.

My nails! I ordered them from a great seller on Etsy (whom I’ll probably feature here soon), and I chose them because they reminded me of the anime Rozen Maiden. Though I’ve also been told that they’re reminiscent of Darth Maul and Darth Talon. I’m okay with ANY of these.

Here’s a sampling of the colors. I always hesitate to say “red and green” because people think “Christmas”. But our colors weren’t very Christmas-y at all.

On my bridal bouquet, I had a Cyndaquil charm. I chose it because Cyndaquil is a first-evolutionary stage Pokemon and symbolizes that my love for my husband has a lot of room to grow. He’s also a fire-type, which is reminiscent of how warm and wonderful love is.

My bridesmaids all got a Jirachi charm. Being the Pokemon Wishmaker, it was a symbol of how Ben and I would be working together to make our dreams come true.

Han and Leia
These were our cake toppers. Done in the traditional Japanese Kokeshi-doll style, I couldn’t resist them when I found them. Though Leia did need some emergency bun surgery after taking a tumble from the top of our cake…

Champange Glass
These were our champagne flutes. Yes, they do say “Live Long and Prosper.” The phrase also adorned our invitations. Who says Trekkies and Star Wars fans can’t get along?

Ben and the groomsmen had cufflinks with the Imperial insignia on them.  They were very nice, but it seems no one got a picture of them.  I’m a little disappointed of that, though I can try and snap one here to add.  Our special music was “Towa no Hana,” the opening theme to the anime Ai Yori Aoshi.  The wedding party walked in to the Hogwart’s Hymn, I entered to Tifa’s Theme, and we all recessed to Neville’s Waltz.  It was wonderful.

At the reception, we had named all of our tables and included a small blurb about what the name meant.  Most of our guests, after all, weren’t quite as nerdy as we are.  We used Stark, Wirblewind, Zelda, Hufflepuff, Naboo, Executor, Rahl, Helper, GIR, Shaak Ti, Rydia, Kokeshi, Totoro, Firefly, Hyatt, and Home One.

It was a very lovely wedding, if I do say so myself. XD  And I hope you’ve enjoyed getting a glimpse inside.


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