Back to My Roots

I’ve been taking a long, hard look at the blog and where I’ve gone with it.  It’s been over a year since I made my first post, and I’m not sure I’ve grown very much in the directions I wanted to go when I started it all.  So I took a little time off to just step back and think everything through.

For those of you who don’t know, I dream of someday writing full time for a gaming or anime publication.  This blog, while always being a labor of love and a way for me to express my geeky side in a public medium, is also supposed to be helping me develop a strong, unique voice before I start looking for paying work.  It’s part of the perks of being a college student — I can keep going to school to follow my dream and use my spare time to work on the blog here.

When I started Hot Pink Joysticks, I wanted to create an environment where I could express myself — and that person is both a girly girl and a nerd.  But over the past months, I’ve really lost sight of that.  I’ve become worried more about categorizing posts and creating interesting segment progressions.  I’ve been pushing myself to post daily while maintaining a broad cross-section of the nerdaverse.

Things around here are going to change.

I’m hoping that these changes will be good, not only for me, but for all of you as readers of my blog.  I’ve spent the past few days wading through the problems I was having and plotting out proper solutions.  The next two weeks are going to see a lot of changes around Hot Pink Joysticks.  Post categories will remain mostly the same, but some of the HPJ Segments will be changing.  You’ll notice the look of the blog changing as well, and maybe even the tagline, I haven’t decided that yet.

What I hope you can look forward to is a new face behind the super-pink-blog.  I hope that you will find my posts to have an even higher standard of quality than what I’ve previously been putting up.  I also hope to return to my original ideals for this blog — a feminine perspective on the nerdaverse that only a geeky woman can provide.  While the female demographic is on the rise in all areas of geeky pastimes, our voice isn’t yet truly heard.  What’s more, I want to provide a strong link between nerding and the ability to be a girly girl.  But know that I’m not attempting to alienate my male audience.  True, there will be a lot more of a feminine perspective and a lot of more “girly” topics, I’ll still be providing good quality content on news and reviews and other things that matter to geeks and nerds everywhere, regardless of gender.

Thank you for your time, HPJ readers.  I hope you continue to read, even after this mini-crisis.


2 thoughts on “Back to My Roots

  1. So all I can say is… GOOD! I only stop in from time to time to see what is new and interesting, but I’m happy to hear that you will be focusing on making YOU happy. If you aren’t enjoying it, if aren’t being the best you can be, then why do it?

    Don’t worry about “losing” your male readers because you’re going to dive into things that might be called more “girly”. This is Hot Pink Joysticks. We expect the one-two punch of girly and nerdy. Its one of the reasons I do stop by, to read an opinion from “the other side” of things. I’d rather get an overdose of female perspective than read something by a gender neutral robot (which I’m not saying you are). Rather, bring on the girl power, full steam ahead.

    • Thank you so much for the encouragement. ^_^ I’ve been super busy this past week with school, and the wedding is in seven days, but hopefully after that, things will calm down enough for me to get back to Super Girling this blog.

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