Beer and Pretzels for the Uninitiated

“Beer and Pretzels” is the term often given to games that are fairly silly and easy to grasp.  They’re usually a great way to introduce people to gaming because they’re really fun and not very intimidating.  I mean honestly, for someone who doesn’t really have the desire to learn how to roleplay, a Dungeons and Dragons rulebook is an extremely frightening thing with all the numbers and terms and dice and math.

So for my first ever experiment in the GM project, I’ll be working with a group of unsuspecting (okay, maybe slightly suspecting) women who haven’t roleplayed before.  Luckily, I’ll have one in the group who has roleplayed and enjoys it, which I’m hoping eases the rest of the group into things nice and gently.

And what game am I choosing to introduce these attendees of my bachelorette party to the world of roleplaying?

Kobolds Ate My Baby is a small, hilarious roleplaying game designed by an independent publisher/designer called 9th Level Games based in Pennsylvania.  The game runs on what they call the BEER Engine (after the stats used to make up your character – Brawn, Ego, Extraneous, and Reflexes) and provides a lot of fast-paced absolutely hilarious pandemonium.  Players take on the role of a fuzzy creature (a Kobold) with a mouth full of teeth and a body that is almost 90% stomach.  The point of the game is really to collect as much food (and babies are the most delicious of all Kobold delicacies) and return it to the great King Torg (all hail King Torg).

So I hope to bring a few new girls into the world of gaming through this fun little game.  I’ve got my map and my plans all ready to go.  Now I just need to finish brushing up on all the rules and prepare to introduce these girls to gaming.

Wish me luck~


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