Contain the Infection!!

It’s time for another Snapshot Sunday here on Hot Pink Joysticks! Today, I’ll be showing you what it’s like to play a game of Pandemic, a board game designed by Matt Leacock and published by Z-Man Games in 2008.  The basic premise is that you and your fellow players need to work cooperatively to save the world from four very infectious diseases spreading across the continents at an alarming rate.

Outside Box
This is the Outside of the box for Pandemic. It’s about a pretty decent-sized box, but not overly huge. It fits comfortably in my messenger bag.

Close-Up Publisher
Here we’ve got two close-ups. The artwork on the front isn’t spectacular, but has sort of a gritty real feel, which is neat considering the game’s subject matter. And LOOK~ The publisher – Z-Man Games.

If you’ve ever played a common, popular board game, such as one produced by Hasboro or that you can purchase at Toys ‘R Us, you’re probably familiar with the tiny little instruction packets that come with. Pandemic comes with a full-size, full-color pamphlet that details all the game’s instructions in a clear, concise format.

This is what the board looks like without any of the pieces placed.

Outbreak counter
This is the Outbreak Counter. In the game, whenever you have a city that “explodes” (obtains more than three markers of a single disease), you must increase the Outbreak Counter. If you get up to ten, the game is over and you’ve lost.

Infection Rate Counter
When an Epidemic card is drawn, the Infection Counter goes up. This determines how many cities get hit with more of the diseases when each turn is ending.

The Goal of Pandemic is to get a cure on each of these four diseases. (They’re nameless and marked only by color.)

These are the Epidemic cards. When you draw one of these, all hell breaks loose on the board. Ben and I played with five, the normal difficulty. You can play with four for an introductory game, or six for a “heroic” game.

Player Cards Back of Player Card
This is a player card. It can be used like a plane ticket or discarded with a number of other cards to create a cure for a disease. Pictured is “Washington”, an American city. :P

Infection Card Back of Infection Card
This is an Infection Card. At the end of a player’s turn, a number of these are drawn and then infected with diseases. This is the intense action part of the game.

Special Events
Thankfully, there are Special Event cards to help along the way. Otherwise, the game would destroy you. I promise.

This is in-game you.

Each marker is linked to a Role Card — the card that tells you what your special abilities in the game are. There are five roles — the Scientist (who can cure diseases with 4 cards of a single color instead of 5), the Dispatcher (who can move players around the board as though he were moving himself), the Researcher (who can exchange cards much easier than the rest of the players), the Medic (who has the ability to cure all the blocks of a single color from the city she occupies, instead of one at a time like most), and the Operations Expert (who can create Research Stations much easier than anyone else).

Our Roles
Ben and I ended up playing the Scientist and the Researcher (respectively).

Diseases 1 Diseases 2
These little, colored cubes are made of wood and are very nice markers for the diseases.

Cardboard Markers
These are the small, cardboard markers that do a few lovely things for the game. On the far left, is the Infection marker, it slides along the Infection Counter. On the far right is the Outbreak marker, it slides along the Outbreak Counter. The middle four are markers for the cures. They slide down onto the four circles that represent the diseases on the game board.

Research Stations
These little wooden houses are the Research Stations. They mark cities where you have built a research station.

Dance, Boy~
To start the game, Ben got Antilles to do a dance for us. I don’t think he was very happy with the situation.

This is what the board looks like all set up and ready to go! Let’s hope we can save the world!

Oh noes~

So many diseases
Look! The diseases are EVERYWHERE!


Hi Puppy
Antilles was happy that he would not be consumed by the blocky diseases.

Hope you enjoyed a look at Pandemic~


2 thoughts on “Contain the Infection!!

    • I really enjoy it, and it’s a great way to introduce people to more serious board games. Especially people who haven’t had any experience other than Candyland and Monopoly and such. The cooperative nature of the game is a little less-intense than playing something like Catan, but it is just as deadly. XD

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