This Week on HPJ (8/8 – 8/14)

Here’s your look at what’s coming up this week on Hot Pink Joysticks!  Let’s hope you see something to tickle your fancy!

Snapshot Sunday
This Snapshot Sunday I’ll be giving you a look at a board game I’m really enjoying called “Pandemic.”  I’ve roped Ben into playing a game with me!  Let’s see if we can save the world this time!

Fangirl Friday
Cosplay, Cosplay, Cosplay!  I’ve been collecting some more of the best images of amazing costumes out there.  Plus, a really interesting treat that’s *not* a picture but totally amazing!

Video Games 101
The next installment of the Nerding 101 segments, we’ll be discussing the three current generation consoles — the Xbox360, the Playstation 3, and the Nintendo Wii.  You’ll learn the advantages and disadvantages to each!

Anime Laws of Physics – Part 3
This will be the next 10 Anime Laws of Physics!  You can check out the previous two by using the search bar here on HPJ.

The GM Project
My first experiment in the GM Project is under way.  I’ll be introducing non-gaming females to the world of roleplaying through Kobolds Ate My Baby!  We’ll talk about the details of the planning process here!

Piano Squall
Piano Squall is an amazing musician who plays different arrangements of anime and video game music. I’ll be featuring him here because he is absolutely amazing. <3

Bonus Post – Support Your Industry
With the recent news of OneManga shutting down for good, the internet has been in a mild uproar about the entire situation.  I’ll be throwing my hat into the ranting ring and talking about why I feel it’s important to support the industry (namely the gaming and anime industries).


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