A Sugary Shop

So passed to me from a friend, I now pass to you the amazing adorable that is the Sugar Bunny Shop.  On this edition of Fangirl Friday, I will be squeeing all over the adorable merchandise available through this wonderfully creative seller, Samantha Whitten.

Now, let me start by saying that I absolutely adore cute things.  I can’t help it.  Cute turns me all melty and I tend to lose the ability to form coherent sentences.  Ask Ben.  I routinely will find something cute online and be reduce to nothing more than a squirming little girl babbling on in what we’ve just decided to term “Neko Speak,” which is generally just me making a lot of strange noises.

Unfortunately, these cute things usually come at a price, and with the wedding coming up, there is no spare cash for us to play with, let alone spend away on every adorable thing I squee about.  So Ben will usually just roll his eyes and go back to whatever he was doing before, or sometimes start doing something more manly to wash away the mass amounts of “d’aww” I’ve just shoved in his general direction.

So instead of making Ben look at all of the adorable items from Sugar Bunny Shop (again), I’ll share them with you!

Now, I’ve done posts with cell phone charms before.  A few of them, actually.  But these are just way too adorable.  How would I even begin to choose which would adorn my (admittedly outdated) flip phone?

Like this:
Charm 1Charm 2
Charm 3Charm 4


You see where this is going?  Her designs are absolutely nothing less than complete “kawaii”.

But suppose you really don’t like things dangling from your cell phones.  Well then, do you enjoy jewelry?

Yes, those are poison candy earrings.  And yes, that necklace does depict a bunny who also happens to be a bomb.

Still not your thing?  Try MESSENGER BAGS!

I seriously want this for school this semester.  Not even kidding.  If I had $25 to spare (minus shipping costs), I’d totally nab it.

She even does a few plushes:

And buttons galore.

GO BUY SOME OF HER STUFF!  Seriously.  I’m planning on ordering a bag for myself.  And then a ton of buttons to put all over it.  And maybe a notebook…  And the bunny plush… And…


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