“You Can Call Me Han”

Hey there~  It’s another edition of Strings and Things here on Hot Pink Joysticks!

For this segment, I wanted to show you all the current cross stitch project I’m working on.

That is what I’m trying to make.  I’d like to finish it and give it to Ben as a wedding gift.  But right now, I’m pretty sure that there’s no way I’ll finish in five weeks.

That’s how far I’ve gotten. T.T\

But as you can see here, the work I’ve done is quite nice.  The lettering espeically has come out very well.  I’m very pleased. ^.^  The entire project is about 8×10 inches, so it’s the largest project I’ve done to date (not counting the Pokemon cross stitch that I ended up scrapping thanks to a certain puppy ruining the Aida).

I started in on Leia, but there were SO many color changes in that corner (that you can’t even really see) that I decided to give up and move over to Han, who is more one color in the corner.

Even so, I managed to mess up a bit.  It’s hard to tell in this image, but the top row and part of the one below it there are the wrong color blue.  Just a couple shades too dark.  I guess I wasn’t paying attention. T.T  So now I need to take out about thirty stitches and redo them.

If you’d like to use this pattern as well, a link to the PDF can be found here. You have my thanks, Stephaniem of SpriteStitch. <3


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