A Karmic Cycle?

Welcome to another Snapshot Sunday! XD  It’s been an interesting week here at the apartment.  Why?  Read on.

It was about 9:00 AM Thursday morning.  Ben had just come to bed a couple hours previous, and I wasn’t due to leave the security of my covers for another hour.  It was a peaceful moment.  A time of rest.

All of that was suddenly shattered by what sounded like a bomb going off in the apartment.

Antilles, my poor puppy, came tearing into the bedroom, his feet barely touching the floor as he leaped onto the bed and sat, trembling, staring out the door.  Ben and I were both rudely aroused from our slumber.  My heart was racing.  We walked out into the rest of the apartment, wondering what on earth happened.

We were treated to a sight like I had never seen before.


The large bookshelf in our livingroom, that stored all of our gaming books, had collapsed. The wreckage was strewn everywhere. Book casualties, video game casualties, and chunks of black particleboard everywhere.

Oh god

After calming Antilles down, who was still hiding in the bedroom, shaking like a leaf, Ben and I started to take in what had actually happened. After over a year of holding far too many rulebooks, the pegs and whatnot holding the shelf together finally gave way under the pressure, causing the entire structure to collapse in on itself.


At first, we were both just sort of shocked. And Antilles was sure he didn’t want anything to do with that area of the livingroom anymore. We realized how much damage was done, but were relieved to find that the books themselves had escaped any permanent damage, save for being shaken up a bit like the rest of us. The shelves had somehow managed to come down relatively flat and sort of just squeeze them in place.

And as I began to throw together some sort of game plan for getting rid of this mess and finding somewhere new to put all of these books (which was a task in and of itself, considering the fact that Ben and I have a zillion bookshelves but not a spare inch of shelf space), our buzzer rang.

It was UPS.


I opened up the brown box to discover the most wonderful thing I had seen yet that week.

Our Xbox360 had returned to us~! After a long rest (completely our fault, we were really lazy about getting it sent off), Microsoft had provided us with an amazing turnaround time. After only a couple of weeks, maybe three or so, the amazing console was back in it’s rightful place. AND NO RED RING OF DEATH!


See?! It’s all green and glowy and happy. She was like “PLAY ME!” It was all so wonderful, it was pretty much DOUBLE RAINBOW.


See? One rainbow, then further to the left, a smaller, fainter one. DOUBLE RAINBOW!

Ready to Go

Well, now that our lovely Xbox was ready to be played and used and loved again, I realized that there was much work to be done on the collapsed bookshelf. I had no idea how I was going to manage. But turns out, my grandmother had a set of shelves that my grandfather put together made of real wood (not particleboard) that she could spare us! Hoorah! So after stacking the books and getting rid of all the chunks of the old shelves…


Our precious RPG rulebooks had found a sturdy new home.


I’m still a tad gunshy about the entire thing, and I think Antilles is, too. But this shelf is much more sturdy than the last one, and I hope to high heaven I’m not roused by the sounds of a crushing bookshelf again any time soon. Now if you’ll excuse me, there’s anime to be watched.


Kamina is calling after all…


3 thoughts on “A Karmic Cycle?

  1. That’s some good silver lining for somewhat-early-morning cloud.
    And Antilles as in Wedge Antilles? Very nice choice.

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