Pardon the lolcat speak.  I do that when I get really excited.  And I’m really excited.

After many, many months of being Xboxless, which was, granted, my own fault, the poor baby has been sent off to Microsoft to be un-RRoD’ed (Red Ring of Deathed), and just now returned.  Literally, two minutes ago.  I got super excited and ran round the apartment (which is dangerous in the state of disaster it is currently in), and then woke Ben who was fairly delirious and terrified of my wide-eyed stare, shaking a box from the UPS man at him.

Now Ben and I can ditch the overly expensive cable package we’ve been paying for to obtain a GameFly account and a Netflix account.  ANIME AND GAMING, HERE I COME!

This almost makes up for the bookshelf casualty of this morning.  I’ll have pictures and more details on everything this evening.  Promise~


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