When The End Draws Near

Over the past couple of days, I’ve been reobsessing about Harry Potter.  I’ve probably mentioned this all in the past, but Harry Potter is one of the biggest things I fangirl over, and has been for over a decade.

I was one of the lucky children who got to grow up with Harry, Hermione, and Ron during the entire craze.  When Scholastic took over the printing of the books in America, my mother read about the first book with the second in the series on the way.  She ordered me the book and presented it to me, hoping it would provide me with a challenging read.  I was only in the third or fourth grade at the time (I’m honestly not sure which, but I know I was still in elementary school), and when I looked at this paperback book in my hands, I was not impressed.  We were on a trip to Fargo with my sister and grandmother in tow as well, and I flat-out refused to read it.

Well, Mom had spent the money on the book, and she would not hear anything of the sort.  So on that trip to Fargo, I began reading about the Dursleys and the Boy Who Lived.  I was at first unimpressed.  I whined.  I complained.  But I kept reading.

By the time we had gotten back home that very same day, I had completely finished the book.  I turned my eyes to my mother, suddenly amazed that she had brought me such an amazing delight, and asked if I could have the second book.  It was then that she told me that the second book hadn’t been released yet.

This game of waiting became a huge part of my life.  Every time a book would come out, I’d get my hands on a copy and finish it in four or five days at the very most.  I devoured these books.  And when I’d finished, I’d go back and reread the whole series again.  By the time the fourth book came out, I had started the tradition of rereading the entire series just before I read the newest book.  I loved feeling all the details so fresh in my mind — especially after an average of a year-and-a-half wait.  When the fifth installment hit stores, I had read the first four books over twenty times.

That number has increased exponentially since.

Now, over a decade since my initial resistant venture into the magical world of Harry Potter, it’s all coming to an end.  I’ve already suffered through one end, just after the release of the final book.  It was a very emotional time for me.  This major part of my life for over a decade had ended, and the tear-stained pages lay in my lap.  I wasn’t sure what to make of the entire situation.  But I took comfort in knowing that I had two books worth of movie left before everything came to a close.

Now, only 114 days away from the premiere of the seventh movie — the first half of the Deathly Hallows cinematic production — I’m again starting to realize that this craze is coming to a close.  I realize that there will be things to occupy my fandom with after the movies have come and gone, but the waiting is coming to an end.  This sense of anticipation that I’ve thrived on for ten, eleven, twelve years is nearly come to pass.  With the ending of the eighth movie, all I’ll have to look forward to is the release of the boxed set of DVDs.

It’s saddening.

I guess I just need Miss Rowling to announce that she’s working on the giant Harry Potter encyclopedia…  Then I can anticipate that. XP

Harry Potter

Image credited to AuroreBlackCat on DeviantArt

2 thoughts on “When The End Draws Near

  1. I remember two of my coworkers skipped work after the midnight launch of Deathly Hallows. My mom bought it for me before I could go get, so I marathoned the sucker in two days and had lengthy HP discussions around the warehouse with various people for the next two weeks. The bosses probably thought we were bat-sh*t insane.


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