Oh Yeah, I Have a Blog

Hello HPJ Readers.

I know it’s been a long time since anything new has shown up here (again), but I wanted to throw this up before I get back to cleaning the car for the road trip to Fort Ransom this weekend.  Basically, I’ve been super busy with the wedding planning over the past couple of weeks, and now we’re throwing on some car troubles and a post-surgery puppy with my usual workload, so I have had pretty much no time for anything, including the blog.

But I think I’ve got a new way to handle my blog posts, and I’m going to be trying it out over the next couple of weeks.  We’ll see how well it works out for me. XP  Hopefully it’ll make handling the blog here as well as my new responsibilities with the “That’s What She Said” segment on Game On! and the blogging I’m doing for the Anime Addicts Anonymous as well.

Keep your eyes peeled, my fellow nerds and geeks.  There’s some good stuff coming this week — including impressions on the 2010 Summer Anime season!!


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