The Love of Flame and Earth

With all the hate out there about The Last Airbender film (which, from everything I have heard, is completely deserved — to the point where I’m not going to waste $8 to go see it myself), I found myself wanting to relive the days my younger sister and I would tremble in front of the television anxiously watching Nickelodeon as a new episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender premiered.

So for today’s Fangirl Friday, I’ll be squeeing over Aang and his crew. ^_^

Growing up, we didn’t have the biggest cable packages.  I lived in a very small town, and my younger sister and I were often envious of what we called “Lisbon Cable” because our friends all got to watch Pokemon on the WB or whatever they wanted on the Disney channel.  It was years before we got some interesting cable channels for ourselves — and the WB and Disney were not part of our package.  What we got was Nickelodeon.  And for a long time, that was perfectly okay with us.  We loved it.  We ate up the cartoons and spent many hours of our summers in the cool, air-conditioned living room with a bowl of watermelon and whatever was on channel 39.

When I started to get into anime, I was jealous of anyone who had Cartoon Network.  Toonami was the best — they got to watch Sailor Moon and Gundam Wing.  And all I had was Spongebob.  Now, while I loved my Spongebob for his silly, childish antics, I wanted something more.  And then, Nickelodeon delivered.  My sister and I saw the first teaser trailers and we were hooked.  We anxiously awaited the start of the series, and we were not disappointed.

I feel that Avatar: The Last Airbender is a true testament to the abilities of American animators.  Good anime can come from America.  It’s rare, but this series is truly wonderful.  With multiple layers of easy humor and deep story lines, the characters are well-rounded and interesting.  The “bad” guys aren’t always bad, and the “good” guys aren’t always good.  There is SO much within this series that it’s hard to believe that it all started with an orange splat in the corner of the screen being played after shows like Danny Phantom and The Fairly Odd Parents.

Car (my nickname for my younger sister) and I watched every episode of the first season when it premiered, and we anxiously awaited the second season.  However, we were unfortunate in that by the time the seasons started coming out, we were unable to catch them regularly, and honestly sort of fell out of everything.

I have been lucky enough now to have a best friend with everything on DVD, and he’s lending them to me so I have something to watch while I fold hundreds of paper stars for the wedding.  Just a couple episodes in, and I am already remembering everything I love about this show.

If you have never watched the original cartoons, DO IT.  Find it on Netflix, borrow it from someone, catch an episode on Nickelodeon if they’re on.  You will not be disappointed.

I will leave you with this AMAZING bit of fanart done by Charlie Bowater as a commissioned piece on her deviantart page.  The British woman took a take on an interesting pairing (Zuko and Toph) and brought it a few years into the future.  It’s beautiful.  It’s amazing.  It makes me want to have her do a commission for me. Check out her profile in the link, too. She’s done a lot of really beautiful things.


3 thoughts on “The Love of Flame and Earth

  1. I love Avatar: Yhe Last Airbender too. but i just wanted to correct a mistake. it’d technicly no anime, as it is american.

    • Just because it’s American doesn’t automatically disqualify it as an anime. It’s not Japanimation, but it follows the same styles and character archetypes as any anime that comes from Japan. In fact, some of what you probably know as anime comes from Korea and China, possibly even France.

  2. Good plan on the not wasting $8 thing.
    It would have been a waste.
    It sucked, bad.
    Sam was in the same showing as all of us and he heard me boo.

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