More Love for Your Audio Receptors

Welcome to the second part of podcasts I listen to!  Previously, I brought you a large chunk of the podcasts I have found to be a cut above the rest when dealing with the geek and nerd realms that Hot Pink Joysticks excels in dabbling in.  And considering I’ve been doing my research for months, wading through hours upon hours of podcasts, looking for the ones to really bring out their A games, I’ve come up with far more podcasts than would fit in one, reasonable sized post.  So instead of assailing your poor eyeballs with a one, long, massive post, I’ve split it up into two more manageable posts.

Anime Addicts Anonymous (Website)

Hosts “Chiaki” and “Mistugi”, joined by a rotating mix of “Kimiko,” “Hatake,” and “Roukou,” bring a fairly regular dose of tolerable anime goodness.  In fact, after my initial discovery of the Anime World Order podcast (detailed in the previous post), I’ve found that I often prefer the views of these anonymous hosts.  Continually discussing current anime while also reviewing years of backlogged “retro” anime, they also bring news tidbits that are always relevant and interesting!  (And the female voices don’t sound like bad loli impersonations.)  The reviews are sound, and while the cast is usually fairly adult in nature (there tends to be some graphic discussion), it’s a refreshing breath of air from neko girls screaming “KAWAII DESU” over and over in my ears.

ANNCast (Website)

ANNCast is the podcast put on by some of the staff at the Anime News Network.  ANNCast updates more frequently than the other two anime podcasts I listen to, and their content is top of the line.  Zac and Justin spend a few minutes off track every episode, but it brings a certain amount of charm to the cast.  These two have a deep amount of knowledge and understanding about the anime world and don’t pull any punches when it comes to honest opinions and the truthful news.  While this cast is a little more news-oriented than other casts, it’s definitely worth it.  Insightful reviews and top-notch reporting await you from the fellows over at ANNCast.

Deck Construct (Website)

What?!  A Magic: The Gathering podcast!  YES!  Deck Construct is a nice look at different trends within the game of Magic: The Gathering including typical deck set-ups as well as interesting ways to pull things off.  Alex hosts the show with a sense of ease and focus, covering current events in the M:TG world and many other topics revolving around the five-colored mana-pool.

Icosahedrophilia (Website)

Icosahedrophilia (say that five times fast) is a real-play podcast.  What this means essentially is that the hosts are all actually playing a game.  In Icosahedrophila’s case, it’s Dungeons and Dragons, 4th Edition.  The group meets on an almost weekly basis, and the casts come up very regularly.  It’s nice to “see” some real play, and listening to their adventures can really provide a springboard for your own games and characters.

Meanwhile… (Website)

Meanwhile is a SUPERGAMINGPODCAST.  Literally.  Meanwhile deals with all things roleplaying as superheroes.  MostlyJoe comes to you on a not-so-regular basis now, and when he does, he almost always brings a huge guest with him.  How he manages to get these guys on his cast is still a mystery to me, but I’m glad he does.  With talks of every system under the sun about super heroes, this cast is well worth the listen.

Minis Mayhem (Website)

I love Star Wars Miniatures.  And GM Brev and GM Teny also love Miniatures.  Even though the franchise has pittered away, this podcast is still running strong on the D20 Radio network.  Each week, they come to you with new ideas for squads and a host of other things.  I know they’ve cleared up some of my rules questions, and I’m sure they can help with any you have.  A very approachable podcast, GMs Brev and Teny don’t fall prey to using a million abbreviations and incomprehensible in-speak when discussing this exciting game — which is a welcome relief for anyone who doesn’t know every square inch of the rulebook.

The Minus World (Website)

While this cast hasn’t updated in some time, I haven’t given up hope yet.  Host Jake talks about video games and all such things.  I don’t listen to many video game podcasts, but I can tolerate this one.  ^_^  It’s similar to the problems I had looking for a good anime podcast, except in this case, I wasn’t finding neko personalities, I was finding intolerable fanboys.  Thankfully, The Minus World avoids the fanboy trap and instead provides quality podcasts on a broad topic.  This cast also belongs to the D20 Radio family.

The Power Source (Website)

This is a Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition podcast dealing with a lot of crunch and good times.  Jared and Ted explore things like Dungeons and Dragons related news as well as things being released on D&D Insider.  It’s a very good podcast with a number of entertaining segments, including Flurry of Blows, which is sort of an interactive segment that really makes Jared and Ted very accessible as hosts.  Fantastic quality values are in every episode, which is to be expected of a cast that boasts the D20 Radio family name.

Radio Free Hommlet (Website)

Coming to you on beam of radiant light — it’s Radio Free Hommlet!!  There are FOUR hosts for this podcast, and they are as follows: DM David, DM Kate, DM Tim, and DM Jackson.  This cast is very, VERY crunchy in nature, meaning that it focuses a lot on rules, ways to work with rules and powers, and the other number-related aspects of the game.  That game is specifically Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition.  They cover some news, but their main feature is The Map Room, a segment that they dedicate to a single, specific Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition topic and delve into very deeply.  It’s that deep discussion that really draws me in.  I hate to listen to something that ends up being so broad it becomes unusable.  Radio Free Hommlet is great at getting elbow-deep in whatever they’re talking about, and they make no bones about it!  (These folks are also part of the D20 Radio Network.)

Roll for Initiative (Website)

Does anyone out there still play Advanced Dungeons and Dragons?  DMs Vincent, Jayson, and Nick from the D20 Radio family do!  This podcast is an absolute necessity for anyone who still plays first edition Dungeons and Dragons.  With talk on rules and creatures every week, the boys bring you vital information on this very retro game.  However, I listen to the cast very regularly, despite having never played a game of AD&D in my life.  They talk about things that are extremely useful to players of any Dungeons and Dragons game — including topics on playing interesting characters and one of my favorite segments — Table Manners.


So that’s about all the podcasts I listen to regularly!  I hope you’ve found something somewhere in there that tickles your fancy.  Go out there and listen to some podcasts!  You’ll be glad you did!


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