For Awareness, For the Fight, For a Cure

Breast cancer.  According to the CDC’s website, breast cancer is the second most common form of cancer in women, outranked only by non-melanoma skin cancer.  In the year 2006, just over 190,000 women were diagnosed with breast cancer, and approximately 40,000 died as a result of breast cancer.

For women in today’s world, breast cancer is a very real and very frightening threat.  Because of that, many companies have done programs and products with proceeds from sales going toward working to find a cure for this rapidly blooming problem.  Here at Hot Pink Joysticks, I feel it’s very important to do whatever little I can to do my part in working for a cure.  In high school, I routinely walked in Relay for Life — an awareness program for all types of cancer.

What I really love, however,  is awesome nerdy things to help out with this important cause.  And today, I bring you this:

Treehouse is a game produced by Loony Labs that is portable, fast, and fun.  There are TONS of variations on games that you can play with these little pyramids, each of them being easy to pick up and play wherever you are.  Loony Labs produces two sets of multi-colored pyramids, and then these sweet pink ones.  5% of every sale (and the game sells for a mere $12) goes to groups working to fight breast cancer.

For those interested, the pyramids can be purchased at Loony Lab’s Website. But hurry!  Rumor has it that these are running low in supplies, and there won’t be more made!  If you’re a fan of Treehouse or Icehouse, or you’re looking for a quick, small, portable game — these are a perfect purchase.


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