Summer 2010 Anime Season

So, this is really late in getting up, considering the summer 2010 anime season technically starts in July, but I thought I’d get something going here.  I’ve found some places to keep up with the anime seasons over in Japan (okay, just one place, really, but I’ll talk about that in a minute), but unfortunately, here at Hot Pink Joysticks, I am a one-woman organization.  Because of that, I’m not going to be able to keep up with all of the anime this season.

To be honest, this is the first season I’ll actually be keeping up with the actual anime season in Japan in real time. ^.^

So, we’ll start with a look at all the anime coming up for the Summer 2010 season, and then I’ll choose a few to follow.  If there’s one that I’m not planning on following that you’d really like me to, please feel free to comment and I’ll see what I can do!

Ōkami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi

This title translates to “Mr Wolf and the Seven Friends.”  It’s plot is described as a romantic comedy parodying classic fairy tales such as “Little Red Riding Hood.”  Ookami is a high school student who apparently is a member of a club that helps fix things around the school.  I’m not entirely sure how these two ideas fit together, which makes me slightly nervous.  The music in the trailer seems really upbeat, though I’m not fond of the nasally voice used in it.  The animation style and artwork aren’t much of anything special — in fact, really typical.
— Trailer can be found HERE, but be warned, it’s not translated or subtitled.

Legend of the Legendary Heroes

This anime brought to you by the Redundant Department of Redundancy.  Or was that the Cliche Department?  Anyway, a plot synopsis reveals another school anime, this time revolving around Raina Lute at a Magician School.  He goes on a journey to find the relics of a Legendary Hero.  The music in the trailer is really good, and honestly deviates from the plot synopsis I found.  It seems much less focused on the school and much more focused on the journey.  It’s a fantasy setting, and the art looks pretty good, honestly.  The voices were very expressive, especially for a trailer.
— Trailer can be found HERE and is actually subtitled.

Kuroshitsuji II

Currently no plot synopses out there for this one, but it is a sequel to Kuroshitsuji, which is described as a story of a noble family in England, set in the mid-late 1800s.  It revolves around a boy and his butler, which seems to be a continued trend in the sequel coming this summer, though the boy and his butler are two new characters, still filling those same roles.  The trailer was really awkward, with haunting music and this really strange scene with a spider trapping a butterfly.  I’m sensing some yaoi undertones…  This anime honestly seems pretty creepy.
— Trailer can be found HERE, English subbed.

Amagami SS

This anime is based on a Playstation 2 dating sim called Amagami.  Apparently, they took this really literally, as apparently, he story of the anime will be arranged in an omnibus format.  What this means is that each heroine gets her own version of the story animated. Each of the girls also will sing their own version of the ending theme.  This looks like it’s going to be a fairly typical romance anime, but for those that love shoujou, that’s not a bad thing.  The animation style looks very average, and sort of bland in color pallets, but it might be worth it for seeing the same story told from different angles.
— Trailer can be found HERE. It’s not subbed, but when you see it, you’ll realize it doesn’t need translation.


You know the moe craze has caught on when an anime actually puts “moe” in the title.  However, these moe characters actually appear to be “moe” in the real sense of the word.  They look like they’re five, and are apparently about five.  There isn’t a whole lot of information out there on the plot right now, but it appears to revolve around three triplets, all very cute and sweet.  These girls are apparently very young, but also very cute.  There does seem to be some sort of strange “boys and girls are different” sort of humor involved, from what I saw on the trailer.  I’m honestly not sure what to think…
— Trailer can be found HERE. Not translated in the actual video, but there does seem to be some sort of translation in the video description.

Shukufuku no Campanella

Very little information currently on this anime.  At least that I’ve found.  It seems to be based on a PC game of the same name, and has some very strong musical background.  There are a lot of very pretty female characters, and even the trailer I found doesn’t have any of the actual animation shown.  It’s also not translated, so I don’t know anything. ;-;  I might watch an episode just so I can figure out what the heck it’s about.
— Trailer can be found HERE if you’re really interested.

Seitokai Yakuindomo

This story follows the student council in a newly gender integrated school.  The main character, Takatoshi, is the only male on the student council, and is also the Vice President.  The animation style is honestly pretty poor, and the music is ANNOYINGLY upbeat.  And I don’t usually find Japanese music annoying.
— Trailer can be found HERE, untranslated.

Nurarihyon no Mago

This is the story of a boy who is one quarter demon, and lives with his grandfather in a house of spirits.  He must learn to accept his demonic side and rise to become the head of his clan.  While accepting his demonic self is hard enough, there are other challenges lurking to prevent him from taking his position as the head of his clan.  The music in the trailer was horrendous, sounding almost completely midi.  The animation was choppy and lackluster, and the entire thing honestly feels sort of like a Bleach rip-off mixed with an imitation of Inuyasha to me. I do not have high hopes for this anime.
— Trailer can be found HERE, no translation needed.

High School of the Dead

Starting with the title, I’m already a little skeptical.  It seems the zombie craze has hit Japan.  While I didn’t find much in the way of plot synopses for this anime, I did find a trailer.  Untranslated, but the premise is clear.  These highschoolers (or perhaps college-aged students, it’s hard to tell) are fighting a zombie apocalypse.  This is DEFINITELY a mature anime, with blood, gore, zombies, and gravity-defying breasts.  The trailer had decent music and good art, though the overly bouncy boobs made me laugh a bit.
—Trailer can be found HERE and is for mature viewers only.

Occult Academy

This story revolves around a time-traveling man from the year 2012 and the daughter of a former headmaster for a school devoted to the study of the occult.  It’s an interesting premise off the bat.  The animation style in the trailer looks sort of quirky, and the words go by SO fast!  Even with the translations, I had a hard time keeping up.  The music was pretty intense, and there was very little in the way of seeing the animation in action, but the story seems pretty involved.  There were quotes from Nostradamus in the trailer, which leads me to believe it could be interesting.
— Trailer can be found HERE with full translation.

Digimon Xros Wars

OH GOD NEW DIGIMON?!  I used to watch Digimon when I was young.  My sister and I watched it Saturday mornings on Fox.  Thus, this is already pretty exciting for me!  It seems to be a typical Digimon plotline, though this time it revolves around rival teams of Digimon teams, fighting for supremacy.  The trailer is only 20 seconds long, but shows you about everything you need to see.  The same Digimon animation style, full of new Digimon.
— Trailer can be found HERE in all its twenty-second glory.


Vampires.  They’re everywhere today.  Apparently, they’ve infested anime, and a small town of about 1300.  The story revolves around the town of Sotoba and a number of mysterious deaths quickly discovered to be caused by vampires.  The anime appears to have a very macabre style of horror, which could be pretty interesting, honestly.  The trailer is full of really creepy music — like that of an antique music box.
— Trailer can be found HERE for mature viewers.

Asobi ni Iku Yo!

More school anime.  This time, we’ve got a high school freshman living in Okanawa named Kio.  One day, a girl with cat ears appears before him and claims she’s an alien.  Apparently, this brings about a lot of trouble.  The trailer doesn’t provide much else, and the anime seems a little… unnecessary to me.  The character designs are overused and the neko is a bit… overly endowed.
— Trailer can be found HERE for those interested.


There are a few other anime being released this season, but they’re either hard to find information on right now, or not terribly interesting.  Or appropriate.  One of the three. XP  So what we’re looking at here are thirteen anime being released every week starting tomorrow.  This means there’s no way I’m going to be able to keep up with all of them on my own.  So, I’ve decided to keep tabs on the following anime to start, and I may drop a couple after the first few episodes.

  • Shiki — Because who doesn’t love a good vampire story now and again?
  • Legend of the Legendary Heroes — Because despite the redundant name, the trailer peaked my interest.
  • High School of the Dead — Because one word: Zombies.
  • Digimon Xross Wars — Because Digimon is very nostalgic for me and I’m not expecting much from this.
  • Amagami SS — Because even though I’ll probably drop it, I love a good love story.

2 thoughts on “Summer 2010 Anime Season

  1. Oh boy, new Digimon! I wonder if this one will be better than all the other mangas. Oh, and about High School of the Dead, I’ve read it as manga. No bouncy boobs in the manga, by the way. It’s a greeeeaaaat story. (although, I could be biased. I loove Zombie apocalypse stories.)

    • I’ve got high hopes for High School of the Dead. But the Digimon show is probably just going to be Digimon. All we can hope for there is that it’s better than the most recent seasons of Pokemon.

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