“Spring” Cleaning

So tonight I did some reorganizing around the blog.  I’ve redone all the categories in hopes that you, the reader, will find things more streamlined and easy to work with.  I tried to keep things broad enough to be easy to work with, but focused enough to provide easy pin-pointing of the posts you’re looking for.

This is what I’m looking at in terms of the category break-down now.


  • AMV (Anime Music Video)
  • News
  • Review

Board Games

  • News
  • Review


  • Fantasy
  • Science-Fiction
  • Non-Fiction
  • News


  • My Creations
  • The Best Of

Tabletop RPGs

  • Original Character
  • News
  • Review

Video Games

  • News
  • Review


  • Clothing
  • Collectibles

Those pretty much cover everything on the “nerdy” end in a broad way. Those, however, don’t include the bits of randomness I’m prone to or the Hot Pink Joysticks segments I’ve used in the past. So, for the randomness, I’ve introduced “Out-of-Character” posts. They break down as follows:

Out of Character

  • Celebrations
  • HPJ Housekeeping (what this post is, essentially)
  • Japan
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Television
  • Random Rantings

Then, for the Hot Pink Joysticks segments, I’ve done some renaming and rearranging. You’ll notice that some of the past posts in the archives are not on the right “days” anymore because of it. I apologize for that.

Hot Pink Joysticks Segments

  • Fangirl FridayOn Friday, I’ll be letting my inner Fangirl flag wave.  For those of you that remember Squee-me Monday, this is basically a revamp of that.  I’ll find something online that really gets me excited, or something that I can’t help but squee all over and post it up here so you all can share in my fangirling.
  • Fresh-Look ReviewsEvery time I review something, it’ll turn up here.  These reviews will also be cross-categorized in their respective broader topics.  So a Fresh-Look Review on the anime Kiddy Grade would show up here, but also under Anime – Review.  I hope to present an interesting and easy-to-follow review pattern to keep you interested!
  • GeekformationsThis segment has been slightly revamped.  Any time I find something that is usually NOT nerdy (such as a wedding cake topper) and find a way that it has been transformed into a wonderfully geeky form, I’ll put up one of these.
  • Nerding 101This is a new segment I’ve been prepping for some time.  Each time one of these segments pops up, I’ll be breaking down an aspect of the nerding world into simple, plain terms.  I might explain different anime genres in one segment and then talk about video game tropes in another.
  • Snap-Shot SundayThis segment hasn’t changed.  Sundays (more regularly now) I’ll be bringing you a post of something nerdy that’s happened in my real, every day life.  Hopefully it’ll show you how I am in my every-day world.
  • Strings and ThingsPreviously called “Shred and Thread”, I changed up the name to something a little more… pleasant sounding.  These segments will revolve around everything nerdy and crafty.  I might post up patterns, I might post up crafts other people have done, I might update on crafting projects I’m working on.  You never know~
  • The GM ProjectThis is where I’ll update you all on the big GM project I’m currently undertaking.  Every time I have new notes, new ideas, or interesting feedback, I’ll post it in one of these segments.

I hope all of this makes sense and that you find your way around the blog here a little easier from now on. ^_^


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