A Massive Undertaking

So, for some time now, I have been considering throwing my hat into the ring as a Dungeon Master (also known as a Game Master or Storyteller).  I’ve been putting it off for a long while, mostly due to being afraid of doing something “wrong.”  I tend to be sort of self-conscious when I’m trying something new, and I didn’t want to end up making a fool of myself in front of a group of people I’ll have to see again the next day.

But over the past few weeks, I’ve been doing a lot of research.  I’ve read tons and tons of articles on being a good GM and how to handle difficult situations.  As I’ve been reading, I’ve found lots of things I want to try, and things that I’ve never had a chance to experience as a player that I feel would really enhance a playing experience.  Over the course of this research I’ve started, I’ve found myself really wishing there was a single, physical source I could pick up and read that covered many, many areas of what it takes to be a Game Master and how to run a game your players will talk about for years to come.

Unfortunately, such a thing does not exist.

Because of this, I’m embarking on a journey.  Being a first-time GM, I think I’m in a prime position to start a project like the one I have in mind.  I would like to explore every aspect of being a Game Master that I can.  I’m going to explore them in ways that I’d deem almost “scientific”.  I’m planning on setting up scenarios to test different areas of GMing (for example, how the use of a GM screen affects gameplay) which I will take notes on and eventually compile into a book on being a Game Master.

I’d LOVE to find someone interested in publishing it, but if nothing else, I’ll compile a big PDF and find a way to host it here on Hot Pink Joysticks.


3 thoughts on “A Massive Undertaking

  1. One thing you’ll really want to make sure of is that you find players who are willing to be honest with you about their experience. It’s no use trying new and different things if the people you’re experimenting on aren’t willing to tell you the truth because they’re afraid to hurt your feelings.

  2. You know I volunteer for guinea pig-ism. Anyway, my suggestion, actually record your thoughts in a journal AS WELL as any hard notes you take from the GM’ing experience. Sometimes, the “raw” journal can help you re-evaluate, and pick up on things you would miss when trying to capture something in the publish(candidate) material

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