World Cup Fever

After jumping around the apartment for awhile, I felt the need to post something up here.

Now, I realize that the 2010 FIFA World Cup really isn’t your standard nerd fare.  In fact, I wasn’t in to football (aka soccer) until Ben had me start watching the World Cup with him.  And now, I’m pretty much a raving fan.  Which is surprising, because previously, the only sport that got me absolutely raving was American football (I’m a Steelers’ Fan).

The USA was robbed today.  We should not have lost that third goal in the game against Slovenia.  Just saying.

I leave you with a super-awesome image of Princess Peach from Super Mario Strikers (the Mario soccer game).  Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to start planning a night of awesome football goodness for my fiancé and I.  Not today, of course.  But soon… Soon…

Maybe we’ll scrounge up some soccer-themed board games to go with our crunchy snacks and frothy beverages. ^.^

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