On the Airwaves

Guess who has joined the masses in the crazy world of podcasting.

No.  Bad guess.  No biscuit.

More seriously, I’ve been lucky enough to be able to take over the “That’s What She Said” segment on one of the podcasts I featured in an earlier post — Game On!

Basically, I’m doing a small, few minute segment on a weekly basis talking about pretty much anything I’d like.  The segment used to be done by Kat, but since she’s become a permanent host on the show, she and Brian decided that it was fairly unnecessary for her to keep doing the segment.  I offered to take it over, and they said they’d give me a shot.  One segment in, and the buzz seems to be good.

If you’d like to hear my voice in YOUR mp3 player of choice, head over to your iTunes or Zune network and search for Game On!  Then subscribe.  I’m looking forward to any and all feedback I get from this new little side project.

Now if you’ll excuse me… *ahem*



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