So, I just wanted to throw something up as a thank you to my readers.  I came to my blog this evening after a tough day at work and a hyperactive dog who decided he needed to chew up one of my flip flops, and I assumed it would be a pretty crappy evening.

Until I checked my stats.


I never thought the blog would come this far.  I know I’m not a big blog yet, and I’m not super well-known or anything.  But I know there must be some of you reading, and not a day goes by anymore that I don’t get at least a couple views.  None of this would be possible without you all.  It is of course possible for me to babble on and on with no audience, but the reason I do this is because I want to share my thoughts, ideas, opinions, and ramblings with you.

So let me just say — THANK YOU! <3


2 thoughts on “A Big “THANK YOU”

  1. I’m really happy for you, seeing as I know many blogs begin and fail, so it’s cool to hear your blog is pretty popular. It might have helped that I showed some of my guy and girl friends this blog.


    • I appreciate you showing my blog around, bubman. Really! Any bit of exposure helps me out, and I can only hope they enjoy reading it as much as (I hope) you do!

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