A New Hope for Fashion

So, my 21st birthday is tomorrow. And for the last week, I’ve been considering doing a post like the one I did back at Christmas time about gifts that would make a gamer girl’s heart sing.  But with this week being consumed with finals and whatnot, I didn’t find a lot of time for blogging.  However, I did find time for this:

A New Hope 1

That is what you think it is.  It is a really feminine, really cute, really AWESOME dress made from vintage Star Wars fabric. The Vintage Doctor has a large host of similar dresses (including two other Star Wars dresses not included here) as well as a ton of corsets and even a couple of “tops”.

Designer Sarah P has been in business for about seven years now, and she runs a one-woman operation to create this absolute masterpieces.  It takes her at least sixteen hours to complete a single piece (I’m guessing dresses take longer), and the price is determined via the availability of the fabric.  All of the fabrics used are completely legal and sometimes hunted down from entirely different countries.  She also takes special request orders!

The dress I’m featuring here is $185.  Who wants to get me a Gift Certificate? :D

More pics below~

New Hope 2

New Hope 3

New Hope 4


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