Dice Bags Galore!

A few months ago, I did a blog post all about different types of dice. As I was sitting in bed tonight, realizing I wasn’t going to be sleeping any time soon, I decided to do a more substantial blog post than the three or so lines I put up about my purchase of A Game of Thrones.  There was a discussion going on in one of the forums I frequent about interesting ways to store dice, and I got to thinking.

I need to do a post about dice bags.

So, here we go!


This first bag is made of chainmail.  Chainmail dice bags are really popular in roleplaying circles for the “cool” factor they bring along.  This one is particularly interesting because of the little chainmail bits on the ends of the drawstring.  It’s also a little looser than other chainmail bags I’ve seen.


This is scalemail.  It’s literally a chainmail dice bag with neat little plates put into the chainmail working to create a look of dragonscales.  I absolutely love it.


Also fairly common, a leather dice bag.  These little leather pouches are usually used for things that are not dice, but being a gamer, we’ll use just about anything in our nerdy pursuits, yes?

Knitted Cthullu

This little beauty is a knitted dice bag with a Cthullu pattern worked in.  All glory to the squid-overlord.

Embroidered Lion

This dice bag is apparently leather or some sort of psuedo-leather that has a neat, embroidered lion.  It’s also red.  Want to be a Gryffindor?  I don’t. XP


This is a GIANT, home-made D20 dicebag.

Embroidered Dragon

This dice bag is sporting an impressive contrasting two-tone coloration as well as suede drawstrings and an embroidered dragon.  This honestly would be a fantastic dice bag for Dungeons and Dragons especially.

Chainmail and Crown Royal

This image shows two equally epic and equally standard dice bags.  The Crown Royal bag is the favored dice bag of many a roleplayer (my fiancee, author of “Paging Through the Core Rulebook” included), and the large, standard weave chainmail bag is also a very popular (and sturdy) choice.


This bag comes to us from Etsy and has a very simple, but proud look to it.  Any time you can add something even more geeky (like a very obvious proclamation of your geekitude) to something already inherently nerdy (like a dice bag), you are exponentially increasing the awesomeness of this item.


Cowthullu.  Need I say more?


2 thoughts on “Dice Bags Galore!

    • I got mine at a little place in my hometown called “The Rock Shop.” The guy there has all sorts of neat semi-precious stones and had a number of chainmail bags the perfect size for a set of dice. Not everyone is so lucky.

      If you have a Renaissance Fair anywhere near you, that would be my first choice to search. RenFairs are not only great places to spend a weekend with all their awesome glory, but also will almost invariably have someone who knows how to work chainmail. If they *DON’T* have chainmail pouches already made for you to purchase, I’d bet my lucky pink dice that they’d be happy to make one up for you.

      If you don’t have a RenFair in your general location, or it’s not for another eight months and you’re impatient (like me), check out Silver Tiger Art who has a number of chainmail dice bag options.

      Hope that helps!

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