Eréndira Sivron – All Grown Up

In the not so distant past, I featured one of my current Star Wars Saga Edition characters, Eréndira Sivron.  For those interested in seeing her at the very beginning of her roleplay journey can check her out here.

Recently in our journey, we somehow managed to jump through a major time rift, and our characters found themselves a full year and a half into the future (and eleven levels stronger).  The reasons this happened are not yet known to us as players or our characters.  It was very disorienting for them all at first.  Our characters are now all at level 15.  Yes, you heard that right.  Level 15.  This is the highest level character I’ve ever played (excluding a single Dungeons and Dragons one-shot).

I have to say that I’m absolutely in love with it.

Seeing how Eréndira has progressed both on her character sheet and as a character has been really interesting.  Even though it’s only been a few weeks since she was a mere level four bit of tissue paper facing down blaster bolts that sent her to a very real look at death in almost every encounter we faced, she has had a full year of development in game.

So I thought we’d take another look at her now that she’s a very impressive force on the battlefield.

First a look at her important statistics.  Eréndira is now a level 5 Jedi, level 3 Noble, level 4 Jedi Knight, and level 3 Jedi Master.

Strength – 6   (-2)

Dexterity – 8   (-1)

Constitution – 8   (-1)

Intelligence – 13   (+1)

Wisdom – 20   (+5)

Charisma – 20   (+5)

The first four of these Stats are exactly the same.  Eréndira’s history makes it almost impossible for me to have increased her Strength, Constitution, or Dexterity as she grew.  She is a very physically weak character, and it wouldn’t make a lot of sense for her to try and gain more physical prowess.  However, on the Jedi path, her desire for more Wisdom and to be better able to work with people (Charisma) makes complete sense.  Each time she was allowed a stat bump, I put it into those two stats.

Here’s a rundown of her other statistics.  Though it’s important to know that her defenses (Fortitude specifically) will be further explained when we reach her new talents/feats.

Fortitude Defense – 34

Reflex Defense – 28

Will Defense – 34

And the last of the “crunchy” numbers.

Hit Points — 115

Damange Threshold — 34

Speed — 6

Initiative — +6

Perception — +17

Base Attack Bonus — +14

Force Points — 14

Destiny Points — 1

Eréndira, after multiclassing into Noble, picked up a few new skills as well.  While she can use a number of skills untrained, the following is a list of her trained skills (and how good she is at those skills).

Deception   (+17)

Knowledge – Social Sciences   (+13)

Knowledge – Galactic Lore   (+13)

Perception   (+17)

Persuasion   (+17)

Use the Force   (+27)

The mots impressive of those skills is obviously Use the Force.  This breaks down as the following.  Her Use the Force checks are made by a roll of a single D20, just like every other skill check.  She then gets to add half her total character level (7) plus her ability modifier (Wisdom, 5) plus her bonus for being trained in the skill (5) plus her bonus for taking the skill focus feat (5) plus a miscellaneous modifier for having completed her Destiny (5).  This all adds up to a +27 to her Use the Force checks.

Now is as good as time as any to explain that miscellaneous bonus.  Eréndira took a Destiny at the beginning of this campaign.  She took the Education destiny, her destiny being to teach the ways of the Force to others by becoming a Jedi Master (and perhaps someday founding her own Force Tradition).  I spoke with Ben (my GM in this campaign) about what would have occurred in this year that has passed.  I asked if it would have been possible for her to have trained a Padawan in this time.  He agreed that it made perfect sense and that I would have, in the meantime, completed my Destiny.

Next, let’s look at her Feats.

Force Sensitivity

Weapons Proficiency – Lightsabers

Weapons Focus – Lighsabers

Weapons Proficiency – Simple Weapons

Skill Training – Persuasion

Skill Training – Deception

Force Training x6

Skill Focus – Use the Force

Improved Defenses

Most of these are pretty self-explanatory for those familiar with the system.  She took a bajillion instances of Force Training, because her build’s basic idea is the Force Wizard.  Improved Defenses gave her a flat +1 bonus to all of her Defenses (detailed above) that worked to negate her -1 in Dexterity and Constitution.  Weapons Focus – Lightsabers give her a bonus when fighting with her saber.

Next, the more exciting customizations.  The talents.

Telekinetic Savant

Influence Savant

Telekinetic Prodigy

Noble Fencing Style


Apprentice Boon


Many Shades of the Force

Body Control

Telekinetic Savant and Influence Savant let Eréndira bring a single Force Power back to her Force Power Suite (basically the pool of powers she has available to her) without needing to burn a Force Point to do it.  Telekinetic Prodigy says that every time Eréndira takes the Move Object Force Power, she can take another Force Power with the [Telekinetic] descriptor for free.  Noble Fencing Style lets her substitute her Charisma modifier for her Strength modifier when attacking with a melee weapon.  This means that instead of taking a penalty when fighting with her lightsaber, Eréndira can actually be fairly competent, especially when cutting down those pesky Blaster shooters.  Deflect is a talent that lets Eréndira attempt to use her Lightsaber to literally deflect ranged attacks.  Apprentice Boon lets Eréndira spend a Force Point to help modify an ally making a Use the Force check who’s modifier for that check is lower than her own.  This is great for roleplaying with her padawan.  Direct works in a similar way.  Direct lets Eréndira return a Force Power to the suite of an ally who has already spent the power.  Mandy Shades of the Force is a fantastic little power that states that I may choose a Force Power, and that Force Power no longer has the [Dark Side] or [Light Side] descriptor for my character.  Thus, I was able to give Eréndira Force Lightning as a power without worrying about her taking Dark Side Points for it’s use (which is GREAT for her character’s struggle with the Dark Side).  And Body Control let me substitute a different score (I’m thinking Wisdom) for my Constitution score in the context of my Fortitude Defense.

Well that was a wall of text, wasn’t it? O.o

Eréndira now also has some Special Combat Actions.  Being a Jedi Knight, she gained access to a few Force Techniques.  these are pretty awesome little things that let her use her command over the Force in a more finessed manner.  She took Extended Force Grip (which literally extends the base range of the Force Power from 12 to 18 for her) and Dominate Mind (which states that if Eréndira beats the Will Defense of an enemy by 10 or more on her Use the Force check when using Mind Trick, she gets to choose what that character does with its next Standard Action).

Upon obtaining the ranks of Jedi Master, Eréndira learned the ways of Serenity.  Serenity says that Eréndira may enter an altered sort of Force Trance.  She remains aware of her surroundings, but is still completely helpless.  It is a swift action to exit the trance, but she must remain within it for at least a round.  After exiting the trance, her next D20 roll is considered to be a 20.  This has a lot of really great applications.  A critical hit or a natural 20 on a Use the Force check (which brings her entire Force Suite back).

For her second and third levels of Jedi Master, Eréndira starts to gain access to Force Secrets.  Force Secrets make using the Force about as powerful and dangerous as it can possibly get.  Eréndira chose to take Distant Power and Quicken Power.  Distant Power multiplies the distance she can use a Force Power at by ten times (if she spends a Force point) or up to the same Star System (if she spends a Destiny point).  Quicken Power lets her use a Force Power that takes a standard action to activate in a swift action instead (if she spends a Force point).

Eréndira now also has the ability to wield a lightsaber.  And she does so rather well.  Because she’s at such a high level, she has created her own saber, detailed here.

Ren (Dual Phase Lightsaber)

The name means “water lily”

Attack Bonus +20

Damage 2D8+6/9 (depending on which crystal is activated)

Contains a Krayt Dragon Pearl (gives a +3 Force bonus to Damage rolls, creates a cyan-hued blade) and a Solari Crystal (gives a +2 Force bonus to Deflect attempts, creates a fuchsia blade).

Is modified with a Fiber Cord (connects to a small gauntlet on Eréndira’s wrist, makes it much more difficult to disarm her), Electrum Detail (a golden working on the hilt that gives no mechanical bonus, but does denote her status as a Jedi Master), and a Pressure Grip (is only activated by the pressure of her grip and will deactivate the moment she releases the hilt).

And, last but not least, her ridiculous Force Power Suite

Mind Trick x3

Move Object x6

Force Grip x4


foce Slam

Force Shield

Force Lightning x3


Intercept x2

Kinetic Combat

Force Blast

Repulse x2

Surge x3

Shien Deflection x2

Pushing Slash x2

Assured Strike x2

Deflecting Slash x2



Yeah, that’s 42 Force Powers.  SERIOUSLY.

It’s amazing to see what a character looks like when they’ve progressed so far.  <3  I hope you enjoyed the second look at Eréndira Sivron.


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