Pokemon Black and Pokemon White

This is seriously breaking news.

Granted, this news broke very early this morning, perhaps even last night.  I don’t quite remember what time it was when the link started circulating the English speaking world, or what time it actually hit the Pokemon chatroom I frequent.  It broke on Pokebeach for me, but let me assure you that this information is very credible!

Quoted from Pokebeach

The fifth generation Pokemon games were literally just announced on the official Pokemon website, and we translated the information within only a few seconds – they will be named Pokemon Black and Pokemon White! The two games will be released in the fall for the Nintendo DS and new information about them will be released on April 15th on their new official website. However, Pokemon Sunday and CoroCoro magazine will likely have information regarding them later this week, which we will post as soon as we get. This is so exciting!!

Story on Pokebeach

This story can also be found a host of other places on the internet including Bulbanews and Serebii.

For those that are able to read Japanese, the official site can be found over in this direction.

I’ll be keeping the blog updated as I get more information.  This week of Pokemon Sunday should be providing some more information as well as the next issue of CoroCoro, a popular Japanese magazine.  As soon as we have translations and scans of the magazines, I’ll post as much information as I can on these upcoming games.


2 thoughts on “Pokemon Black and Pokemon White

  1. The most interestin part for me will be the inevitable boycott by the radical Black community of these games due to the names until they change the names to Ivory and Coal in the US. But yes, this is great news, and I can’t wait to see the new Pokemon. Forgive my cynical side.

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