The First Time Is the Sweetest

Here is my secret shame.

I’ve never beaten a video game to completion.

Now you all know something terrible about me.  I don’t know what it is, but I always get to that last leg and just choke.  I’ll get super anxious about it all and just not be able to finish.  Don’t ask me why, because I’m not entirely sure.

But tonight, or perhaps more accurately, today, all that changed.

Less than a minute ago, I became the Pokemon League Champion.

I completed Pokemon Heart Gold.

Well, the first half at least. ^.^;  There’s a lot more game to play, but I saw the end credits.

I am so filled with pride and excitement and adrenaline.  It was an amazing fight and only took me two times through the Elite Four.  I used up more Revives and Hyper Potions than I care to admit with Lance, but with perseverance and determination, I made it through.

And now I need to get some rest.  I’ll have a much better post up for you tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “The First Time Is the Sweetest

  1. Wow! That’s great! You should meet my brother. World 4 in Zelda Twilight Princess, World 4 in Zelda Wind Waker, World 3 in Marvel Ultimate Alliance, 97 Stars in Mario Galaxy, etc. You get the picture. The only games he’s beaten are New Super Mario Bros. and Super Paper Mario.

    50 TIMES EACH.

    Also, if you don’t mind my asking, what team did you use to beat them?

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