Can’t Leave the House Without Them

Hello fair readers!  Today is another Fandom Friday!  And today, I’m actually combining today’s Fandom Friday with my first ever Geekformation post!  For those that need a reminder, a Geekformation is when something average or typical gets a totally geeky or nerdy make-over.

I bet you all were expecting more Pokemon from me.  I have to admit, it was very hard for me to not start ranting about all of the Eevee I’ve been breeding over the past few days.

But no!

Today, I’ll be talking a little bit about Katamari Damacy.

For those that are unfamiliar, Katamari Damacy is a game that originally came out for the Playstation 2 and garnered a sort of cult popularity.  In fact, the game became so popular, that today, it can be difficult to find a copy of the original Katamari Damacy.  (I have a copy that I’ll never let go of.)  In the game, you play as the Prince of All Cosmos, and your father, the King of All Cosmos, had a long night of partying and knocked all the stars out of the sky.  You, as his royal peon, are now sent to earth to roll up things on your Katamari to make new stars.  It sounds a little strange, but once you roll up your first cat, you’re hooked for life.  I promise.

Now, Katamari Damacy is a game that has sort of gone without a lot of product placement, at least from what I’ve found.  However, there is a pair of shoes out there…  A beautiful pair of shoes…

Katamari Shoes

For reference, this is an image of the box art from the original Katamari Damacy.

Box Art

The worksmanship on these shoes is amazing.  They were hand painted by a reader of Kotaku (an online nerdy publication) for his Katamari loving girlfriend.

No one ever makes me awesome nerdy presents…  Guess I’ll have to make some for myself.


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