Japan – Always Innovating

Oh Japan.  Japan, Japan, Japan.  Why must you make me want to run away to live amongst your crazy juxtaposed buildings and peoples?

Anyone who has ever used a pencil knows that eventually, an eraser will be needed.  The best erasers are the brand new ones with a crisp edge.  When the eraser starts getting rounded and worn down, you end up erasing more than you wanted. Or not as much as you wanted if you’re trying to be really careful.

So, Japan comes to the rescue.  With what?  The Kadokeshi Eraser.


This neat little thing shows just how resourceful and innovating the Japanese can be.  Someone over there has taken the typical eraser and turned it into this handy little device with 28 edges.  Count them.  28.  Each little corner and edge is just like a fresh new eraser, but it’s all a single eraser!

The eraser comes in a variety of sizes and even a few different colors.  Best of all, it comes in a special “cell phone charm” size.

Charm Eraser

Unfortunately, I can’t find anywhere that sells these magical little things that isn’t completely written in Japanese.  Which means I can’t understand what’s being said.  Hopefully I’ll find a price in English soon!


2 thoughts on “Japan – Always Innovating

  1. Haha, it’s a good thing that I can’t draw, or I’d have to find one of those! As it is, I need a new
    eraser… Anyway, I can’t find the subscribe button. Where is it?

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