Lovely Tutu

Welcome to another edition of Squee-Me Monday.  In some earlier posts, I have spoken of an anime called Princess Tutu.  Today, I found something on ebay that made me squee all over the place.

The following are images of a painted resin-figure (also sometimes known as a Garage Kit) done by a group of individuals known as The Yeti Store on ebay.

Tutu 1

Tutu 2

Tutu 3

Tutu 4

Tutu 5

This store has a host of other figures that are absolutely beautiful.  Expensive, though.  The Princess Tutu figure pictured above will run you $299.99 USD.  A pretty penny for a very pretty figure.  The other figures on the site are similar in price ranges, but are also just as wonderful in terms of craftsmanship.

Now if only I could afford it…


3 thoughts on “Lovely Tutu

  1. Okay, wow. Gravity must not have noticed this yet, because there’s no way a figure that big stands on one little toe.

  2. Just finished watching, and reviewing, Princess Tutu on my blog. What a weird and wonderful anime! I also saw this on ebay, while searching for the DVD set. It’s so beautiful, and I would love it even more, if there was a tiny, perfect, yellow duck, looking up at her.

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