A Dangerous Pet

So I was browsing to find something to post up today.  I don’t have a whole lot of time today, so I headed to the ever-bountiful Etsy.

What did I come up with for today?


These little larval metroid are contained in bottles for your pleasure and companionship. Want one for your own? Please head over to phenocrystminiatures’ Etsy Shop.

She describes these precious little things as follows:

Caring for your metroid larva:

Metroids will drain the life from any living creature and will feed on prey many times larger than themselves. Daily interaction with the metroid will help establish a bond and deter it from turning on you. It is advised that you only handle the metroid after it has been fed. Metroids grow rapidly and a larger jar will be needed to house it after long.

Note: I assume no responsibility should bodily injury, life draining, death, pet consumption, the apocolypse, visits from Samus Aran and/or Ridley occur. Nor will I reimburse you for ice beams or missiles.

Metroid 2


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