Everybody Polkamon~

So.  It’s March 14th.  I got HeartGold today.  It is also Snapshot Sunday today.  Guess what you all get to look at?  30 images of Pokemon!!  Here it comes, please be aware that this a very image-heavy post.

Game Stop

This is my local GameStop.  Fargo actually has two locations, and Ben and I had our copies reserved at the mall.  We arrived a half hour before the noon opening because I didn’t want to have to wait behind a million kids and their parents asking questions.  Turns out, we were the first ones there, and the only ones there until about 11:50 AM.


These are the boxes. ^.^  The games actually had an outer box, unlike a lot of DS titles.  This is because the Pokewalker is also housed inside the box.

Soul Silver

This is a closer look at the SoulSilver box.  Ben bought SoulSilver.

Heart Gold

The HeartGold Box.  This one is mine.

Back of boxes

Here’s a look at the backs of the outer boxes.  The color scheme is carried through, as you can see.  The one on the left is silver, and the one on the right is gold.  The flash whited out a little of it.

Figure Boxes

Preordering with GameStop, we received exclusive figures with our games.  Ho-oh came with HeartGold, and Lugia came with SoulSilver.

Lugia Box

Here, we see the outside of the box containing the Lugia figure.

Lugia's Protective Bag

Inside the box, I was pleasantly surprised to find a thick, black, plastic bag containing the actual figure.  This probably kept the sunlight from damaging the colors on the figures.

Lugia Figure A

Here’s a side profile of the Lugia figure.  Because of the way it’s built, it was hard to do the figure justice.  It looks beautiful.

Lugia Figure B

And here’s a view from the front.  Lugia appears to be bursting forth from the sea.

Antilles and Shango

Size comparison.  Not really.  There’s my Antilles pup and Shango kitty being nosy.  Whenever I bring home something new, they both want to get their faces all up in it.

Ho-oh Box

This is the outside of the Ho-oh Figure box.

Ho-oh Protective Bag

It made me giggle when I realized that the print on Ho-oh’s bag was gold, while Lugia’s was silver.

Ho-oh Figure A

Here’s a front view of the Ho-oh figure.  You can clearly see its massive wingspan.

Ho-oh Figure B

Here’s a side profile.  Ho-oh’s figure is surrounded by fire, alluding to the fact that it is a phoenix Pokemon.

Guidebook Cover

This is the front cover of the guidebook for HG/SS.  It’s not nearly as impressive as the massive book that was put out with Platinum, which disappointed me.  I had hoped the book would be just as large, if not larger, full of information.  My own copy of the Platinum guidebook got destroyed by water damage.

Random Page

This is a random page from inside the guidebook.  As you can see, it doesn’t contain a whole lot of information.

Guidebook Back Cover

A quick snapshot of the back cover.

Contents of Outer Box

Inside the outer box, I found my Pokewalker and my actual game.

Game Case

This is the case for the box of HeartGold.  It’s all shiny in it’s cellophane wrapper.

Inside the Box

Inside, we find a typical DS game set.


The game itself, tucked in it’s secure holder.

Instruction Manual

And the information manuals.

Tiny DS Cartridge

Here’s the tiny little cartridge that holds so much love in my heart.

Wrapped Up Pokewalker

This is the brand new peripheral, the Pokewalker.

So Shiny

It’s very shiny, and looks like a Pokeball.  That made me pretty excited, because now I can hook my own Pokeball to my belt.  While it’s not like having a full team of six on there, it’s certainly one step closer.

Size Comparison

This is a size comparison photo.  The Pokewalker is very, very small in size, which is nice.   It doesn’t feel obtrusive when clipped to your body this way.  It’s also thin, a far cry from the old pedometer I used to have. >.>

Out with the Old...

Out with the old, and in with the new.  On the left, my copy of Pokemon Platinum.  If I had turned it over, I might have been able to capture the little puppy teeth marks from where Antilles got a hold of it and decided it might be tasty.  On the right, the game that has held onto my bated breath for months.


START SCREEN!  Omg omg omg omg.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I have more HeartGold to play.


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      • Sadly, no. My parents took away my video games for the year because I got a B on my interim report, even though I raised it back to an A. Talk about strict. *shudders*.

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