Ask A Gamer Chick

I see you there.  Lurking.  Reading this pink blog and hoping your friends don’t see.

Well, maybe you can do me a favor.  I would love to get some questions from people reading my blog.  I think it would be really interesting to see what you all, as readers, want to know about me, about being a female gamer, about my experiences, or about the female gaming experience in general.  Consider this your invitation to ask me a question.  Any question (read: any tasteful and non-derogatory question) is fair game.

Please leave your questions for me in the form of a comment on this post (or any other post, I suppose, though it would make the most sense to post them right here).  I’m giving you a week before I start answering the questions~

Come on, now, this will be fun!


15 thoughts on “Ask A Gamer Chick

  1. Tasteful and non-derogatory questions only? Awwww.

    Hmmm…here’s one. Out of the big three (Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft), which one do you feel treats girl gamers as equals the most? Which is the most non-sexist? That kind of deal.


  2. Hmm…would you agree with the stereotype that girls aren’t good at video games? I’d say they (girls) are potentially as good as boys, but just don’t show as much interest…take annie and Adell for example; they can both kick my butt at Pokemon anytime anywhere and guess what? They’re girls!

  3. Oh, so I’m back from school.

    What do you think about girls-specific games, or games that are “obviously meant for girls”? I, myself, enjoy a small dosage of dating sims every now and then. Do you think the game should be labeled “just for girls?”

  4. Will you be reviewing any trading card games in the future?
    What is your opinion o fthe book Confessions of a Part-time Sorceress: A Girl’s Guide to the D&D Game ?

  5. Do you ever play any of the more violent/masculine games? If so do you ever just really get into it? You know like continuing to shoot the body of a player you have already killed?

  6. So, as a girl gamer, are you ever offended by the “For girls” games? You know, stuff like Fashion Boutique Owner. Does it make you feel like companies are putting their crippled foot forward in inviting girls into video gaming?

  7. Do you in anyway find games that over-accentuate females or use the visuals of women to sell games distasteful in anyway? I hope that made sense.

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  9. Has your PMSing ever affected your online gaming? Like getting pissed off at other players, possibly making it less fun for the other players?

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