If I Rise from the Dead, Am I a Zombie?

Hello readers.

I know it’s been a really long time since I’ve written anything for you. A really, really long time. Literally a month at this point. For those of you still checking back to see if I’m still alive or ever going to update again, I’m really appreciative of your loyalty.

It’s been a long, hard month for me. I’m still trying to find time for the blog between class, work, homework, and housework. There’s not a lot of time to game, let along blog about the gaming. But now that things are finally starting to settle in, I think I’m ready to really get back into my favorite bit of work, Hot Pink Joysticks.

In the coming weeks, I hope to have some serious, provocative posts as well as some more fun. I’m finally getting that post on geeky Podcasts put together for you, and I’ll be finishing the Anime Laws of Physics series. I’ve left myself with a lot of fodder and just not much time to post it.

This is really my passion in life, writing about my gaming experiences as well as my experiences as a female gamer. So thank you for continuing to read. (I’m also going to set up an easier way to subscribe to the blog if you’d like to do that. ^.^)


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