Adopting New Personas

Welcome to another edition of Squee-me Monday.   Today, I thought I’d put together a photo-montage of some really good cosplay images.  I really love cosplay and I appreciate the work that these individuals put into their craft.  I’d like to get better at cosplay myself, but I have a lot of issues there that I won’t go into here. :P

Anyway, good cosplay makes me squee out loud.  And I’m not afraid to admit it.  So below are some really awesome images courtesy of The Daily Costume.  And since today is the first day of Fembruary (a month to celebrate the feminine, my kind of month!), all the costumes below are of awesome female cosplayers.




Final Fantasy




Sailor Scouts!


Vulcan Female

Street Fighter

Sailor Mercury


Street Fighter 2

So much squee!!


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