Fangirling Squees

I’m on a Pokemon kick, what can I say?

So, today is technically still Squee-Me Monday, and in a stroke of brilliance brought on by a friend, I’ve found a host of fanart picturing two certain characters together.  Pictured below are a bunch of pictures of Ash and Misty (or Satoshi and Kasumi) in super sweet poses.  They make me squee all over the place.

Because yes.  Ash and Misty belonged together.  Don’t try to tell me otherwise.

This is the picture that started it all. I was not able to locate a credit for this particular image.

Mermaid 1
In this pretty image, we see an underwater look at Misty and Ash by Sakura02. I like the almost chibi-ish expressions on their faces.

Mermaid 2
This underwater look by Pumpkin Girl is a little more adult than the previous, and makes me go all melty inside.

Seeing Ash and Misty napping together just makes me tremble with squees. Jaison166 gets the credit for this sweet picture.

Look at Ash blush! I bet he’s wearing some sort of cologne or good-smelling body wash. I know I sniff my fiance like that once in awhile when he’s all clean. >.> Sunshine Ikimaru brought us this summery image.

Misty Blush
Misty’s turn to blush! Doesn’t Ash look so mature and confident here? ^.^ Thanks for making this come to life, Ya-chan85!

Misty’s got that “:3” expression going on in this picture, and she’s SOOO cute in Ash’s hat. Credit to Bluecorgi23.

Thanks you you, deviant artists!  If you all are lucky, I might have some more Pokeshipping images added to this post.


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