Do YOU Love Party People?!

Today is the second edition of Fresh-Look Fridays, and I have a lot going on today, so I’ll be doing a less intensive music review as opposed to the review on Scribblenauts I’ve been promising. (I have too much to say on that game, so I figure I should wait a week to do it proper justice.)

Reviewing music probably won’t be something I do terribly often here on Hot Pink Joysticks, simply because it’s not something I often keep up with. But today, I’m in such a good music mood! For those of you not privy to my constant Facebook ramblings, I have been having a deep struggle with iTunes/Winamp/my new iPod and the music of DJ Ozma. I had gotten the newest album from the all-knowing Dom (a friend of mine), and iTunes would not play it. I mean, I tried every means to get it into my library, and iTunes wouldn’t have it.  So I downloaded Winamp, and that program had no problem playing the album.  However, Winamp (despite everything I have discovered on the internet saying it should) wouldn’t recognize my new iPod Nano.  The one plug-in that we found that brought the iPod into existence on Winamp was putting files on the mp3 player in a format that poor Hayate could only recognize as “Other.”  I had given up until last night when I found the music from another source, and this morning, it was all working!

Long story short, I have conquered iTunes!

So today, I’ll be doing a short review of DJ Ozma’s latest album, I <3 Party People 3.

Fashion Shot

DJ Ozma was born as Sumitada Ozumano (Or Ozumano Sumitada if you want to be properly Japanese about it) in Tokyo.  There is honestly very little known about DJ Ozma on the internet that isn’t written entirely in Japanese.  I’m unable to translate Japanese properly, so we really just have to go on what little else I’ve been able to find.  He is signed to Sony Music and has been in a number of other projects including some Korean pop bands.  DJ Ozma debuted on March 22, 2006, and his most recent album dropped on December 31st, 2008.  His most internationally well-known work is the song “Lie Lie Lie,” the ending theme for the Naruto Shippuden movie.


I have been listening to his most recent album, I <3 Party People 3 almost obsessively since I got ahold of it.  The music is bouncy and upbeat, like good J-pop often is.  Part of what makes his music so different is that it’s mostly him singing, and the world of J-pop really seems to be dominated by female vocalists.  Not that the female vocalization of Japan is a bad thing, it’s just nice to hear a good male vocalist once in awhile.

Despite being relatively unknown throughout the world, he has made some big splashes in the Asian communities, including a performance where his female back-up dancers stripped out of their first costume into nude-colored unitards with a patch shaped like a mushroom acting as a “censor” bar.  The controversy surrounding this event in Japan honestly rivals that of the “Janet Jackson Wardrobe Malfunction” in America.  While DJ Ozma did nothing wrong, his shocking style was quickly known.  (After all, his girls weren’t really naked.)

Furry Coat!

Finding his music will be difficult, but if you have an opportunity to listen to him, it’s really worth it.  Even I, who can’t understand what he’s saying, can feel the distinct difference between each of his songs, which is saying something in the realm of J-pop.  If you’re not listening carefully, some J-pop artsits can start to run together and sound the same.  Not so with DJ Ozma!

All in all, I give Ozumano-san a 9/10!  Now let’s hope his peppy music and dance-inducing beats can help me get through most of this apartment cleaning!



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