A Game of Many Minis

So today is the very first Snapshot Sunday on the Hot Pink Joysticks blog! As I sat around trying to figure out what to photoblog today, I had a few ideas. What I decided on was a game of Star Wars Miniatures. It’s basically a skirmish between squads of Star Wars characters. The following is a photoblog of how the game went.

I’m not sure if Antilles knew something Star Wars was afoot and felt the need to make his namesake’s legacy known, or if he just wanted to be up in my face. His in-my-face style is nothing new.

Face Hide
In both an attempt to keep Antilles’ nose away from the lens of my camera and in an attempt to hide his face from said lens, my fiance snatched up the fluffy puppy, who honestly looks pretty confused about the situation.

Star Wars RPG
Interrupting Ben from his obviously important work of (hopefully) doing his GMly duty for next weeks Saga game, I suggested a quick Star Wars Mini’s game.

Play with me!
Antilles wanted to play, too! But his idea of play is a little more slobbery.

The Pondering
Ben considers his plans for my undoubted demise.

I lay out my cards in anticipation of defeat. I’m honestly not very good at Star Wars Mini’s and have only won a handful of skirmishes. But it’s still a fun game!

Big Ugly Bug
These things are on Ben’s squad. They’re gross. I referred to the both of them as the “big ugly bug things” or the “stupid slug blobs” for most of the time they loomed over the field of play.

Carry Case
Ben and I own a LOT of Star Wars Minis. Because of that, we both have a very large tackle box to carry our minis in. I have mine labeled. Isn’t my handwriting nice? :D

See how nice the miniatures fit in the slots?

Crown Royale
Ben uses a Crown Royal bag for his dice. We shared his dice today because I couldn’t find my dice purse. I quickly blamed his dice for favoring him over me. It was obviously their fault I was about to suffer defeat.

I love dice. >.>

Ben’s set-up. All clustered and in cover. Stupid cover. Stupid Asoka sitting over in the corner. Stupid big fat ugly slug-bugs sitting there and staring. Stupid Cody leaning over like he thinks he’s cool.

Shango appeared under the table after being a ninja. He was distracting.

First Casualty
The first casualty of the game. MY POOR JAWA! WHYYY?

A side view of the game’s progression. There’s a lot of minis on the map.

Top View
A top view of the game’s progression. This is actually a pretty interesting shot. ^.^

The Fallen
Oh the mighty have fallen. Sometimes, I feel bad about putting my poor miniatures through such trauma.

And then Ben and I shook hands for a good game. LOOK HOW MUCH BIGGER HIS HAND IS THAN MINE! I have tiny hands…

And that was a photoblog! A snapshot into my life. A Life of nerds and geeks and miniatures today! ^.^ I hope you enjoyed!


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