This up-and-coming video game has been on the bottom of my radar for a few months now, and seems to be garnering a lot of attention as it’s release date barrels down upon the gaming community.  With the official website’s countdown ticker falling in at just over a single day remaining, the excitement is starting to become palpable.

If you don’t know what Darksiders, then I have to ask what rock you’ve been hiding under.  Nah, I understand that it’s slipped under a lot of people’s field of vision due to bigger names making their debuts in the upcoming fiscal year.  Games such as Mass Effect 2 and Bioshock 2 have stolen a lot of the spotlight for this upcoming year of video games.  Darksiders isn’t that big of a name.  Yet.

To me, this game looks like a must-play for the year, and so I feel the need to share my rapidly building excitement with all of you.  First, an image.


Yeah, that’s your character.  That’s War.  He is one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse.  Literally.

The Official Website describes the game as follows.

Deceived by the forces of evil into bringing about the end of the world, War – the First Horseman of the Apocalypse – stands accused of breaking the sacred law by inciting a war between Heaven and Hell.  In the slaughter that ensued, the demonic forces defeated the heavenly hosts and laid claim to the Earth.

Brought before the sacred Charred Council, War is indicted for his crimes and stripped of his powers.  Dishonored and facing his own death, War is given the opportunity to return to Earth and search for the truth and punish those responsible.

Hunted by a vengeful group of Angels, War must take on the forces of Hell, forge uneasy alliances with the very Demons he hunts, and journey across the ravaged remains of Earth on his quest for vengeance and vindication.

So basically, you’re hunting down Demons and Avoiding angels while seeking the ultimate vindication.  Seriously, this has to be one big-bad-evil-guy if he’s managed to make a fool out of War.  You will be running around the ruined Earth atop your trusted phantom steed (called Ruin) while wielding an arsenal of angelic, demonic, and earthly weapons, decimating your enemies with brutal physical attacks and terrifying supernatural abilities.

This game is rated M for Mature for good reason.  In watching a few videos for it, there is no sugar coating the gore that comes with the game’s premise.  War’s weapons become stained in the blood of the enemies he slays.  If you have a weak constitution, this probably isn’t going to be the game for you.  I’ll be highlighting other upcoming games that you might enjoy more.

But for those of you that enjoy hacking and slashing at your enemies and watching the number of defeated enemies tick higher and higher, this game is absolutely for you.


The graphics for this game look absolutely amazing.  It really is a testament to what can be done with these current systems.  I mean, honestly.  Why keep pushing for bigger and badder systems when games like this can produce detailed graphics like what I just showed above.  Look at the wrinkles in his hood.  Look at the shadows in his detailed armor.  Look at the way the light plays in the background images behind him.  Look at that statue just hanging out as nothing more than ambiance.  More screenshots from the game reveal what I can only describe as a post-apocalyptic steam-punk feel.  Everything has that distinctly mechanical and metallic feel to it.

Here’s a little more of the basic information for the game.  Darksiders is being released in North America and Europe for both the PS3 and the Xbox360.  Described as an “Action-Adventure” game, it was developed by Vigil Games (a relative newcomer to the development song and dance) and produced by THQ.  Journalists have often compared this game to the Devil May Cry and God of War series, though designer Joe Madureira has likened it more to the Legend of Zelda series.  I’m not sure how close either of these comparisons are, but the idea of fighting groups of enemies like that in Devil May Cry while looking forward to epic boss battles like those in the gambit of The Legend of Zelda games gives me goosebumps.

Critical reviews have been good so far.  The lowest review I’ve managed to find has been a 7.0 out of 10, which rates it still as a “decent” game, though some reviewers have gone as high as 9.5 and 10 out of 10.  Critics have told us that the game looks sharp, plays smoothly, and sounds great.  It should provide an average gamer with about 15 hours of game time.  Underground you will often come across “puzzle” type dungeons while above ground provides more of a freeflowing exploration feel.  While most reviewers have thus far agreed that the game is not perfect or even necessarily groundbreaking, it’s a solid title with a lot to offer and a beautifully smooth combat system.

A “solid title” is enough for me to really want to give it a go!  And just to get you on the bandwagon (if you’re not already), please view the video below for more awesome excitingness.

Now if only I had the money to get it on release day.

Or, you know, a working Xbox. >.<


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