Welcome to the Future

Today is the first day of a shiny new decade.  January 1st, 2010.  These past years have just flown by.

And in the upcoming year, and even the upcoming decade, I have some exciting plans and ideas and changes for Hot Pink Joysticks.  I know that I don’t post enough around here, and the lack of structure in my posts is also a little… well, in need of revamping.  So, below, I’ve outlined a few things I hope to be fixing in the first month of the new decade and continuing on throughout the year.

Squee Me Monday

Every Monday is Squee Me Monday.  This means at the beginning of your work week I’ll be putting up something that has made me squee.  An announcement, an image, a product, anything that’s gotten a roaring nerdgasm from behind my LED screen.  These days are meant for sharing, and I’ll be a good girl and not keep all the best finds to myself. ^.^

Fresh-Look Fridays

I’ve done a few reviews so far on Hot Pink Joysticks, but I’d like to get into doing these more and more.  My review templates need a little work and updating, but once that has happened, I’ll start doing a review of something every Friday.  It may be a game, it may be a rulebook, it may be an anime, it may be a band, it may be a movie, it may be a novel.  Whatever I feel like reviewing for the week will pop up on Fresh-Look Fridays.

Snap-Shot Sundays

Snap-Shot Sundays will be a look at my personal geeky reality.  Every Sunday, you’ll get sort of a photo blog post look at my real life.  Blogging about all of these things can feel sort of impersonal on the big-wide intarwebs, and I’d love to share some of my personal experiences in a very real and tangible way.  So every Sunday, you’ll get a photo blog post or maybe even a video of something wonderfully nerdy going on in my every day life.

Shred and Thread

One a month, I’ll do a Shred and Thread post — a post about whatever nerdy crafting I’m doing at that particular time.  It might be an update on a big project I’ve been working on.  It might be a post on a pattern I’ve made or found.  It might be pictures of something I’ve baked in a particularly geeky trend.  This post is once monthly because I want you all to be able to see a lot of progress in big projects and I want the patterns I put up to be of a really good quality.


Once a month, you’ll be getting a Geekformation post.  What, you might ask, is a “Geekformation?”  Well I’m glad you inquired.  Geekformation is my new work for a geeky transformation.  Basically, it’s what happens when something normal gets an awesome nerdy makeover.  This could be nerdy tattoos, a video-game decked Christmas tree, a super-modded console, or even a decor made to be an expression of geekdom.

So now we have three regularly-scheduled posts per week, plus at least two that I’ll toss up as I see fit.  These will be a little more random and less structured, but hey, that’s what blogging is for, right?  I guess this sort of counts as my New Year’s Resolution.  Five blog posts per week minimum. Let’s see how that goes.  (I promise I’ll work hard at it.)

I plan on doing some reorganizing around the blog today.  I’ve got to update my blog roll and adjust the ever expanding list of categories around here.  Hopefully after the first day of the new decade is over, navigating around Hot Pink Joysticks will be a lot easier and more streamlined for both you and me.


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