Holy Holidays, Batman!

Everyone loves a celebration!  And what most people are aware of is that celebrations equate a holiday.  There are a lot of holidays out there, many are much more obscure than others.  And as we come up on a brand new year, I want to give all of you as much opportunity to celebrate your passions as possible.  So whether you love video games or anime, tabletop RPGs or computers, science fiction or fantasy, below you will find a host of days to make your nerdy-life more exciting and celebratory.  (Please note that these dates reflect the year 2010.  Some holidays are subject to changes from year-to-year.)


  • National Hobby Month: What a way to start the year!  Identify your hobbies and love yourself for them.  Join an online forum for your favorite hobby or attend an event revolving around that thing you love to do!
  • Letter Writing Week (Jan 10-16): Write a letter to your favorite game publisher or voice actor.  Write a letter to your favorite bloghost.  Write a letter to a gaming company.  Write a letter to a magazine.
  • Festival of Sleep (Jan 3rd): Celebrate this holiday by staying up all night on the 2nd watching anime or playing video games and then sleeping in the next morning!
  • Trivia Day (Jan 4th): Spend a few minutes researching some obscure trivia online.  Play twenty questions.  Quiz your friends.
  • Cuddle-Up Day (Jan 6th): Whether you’re cuddling with a pet, a loved one, or a book, this is the day to make a cup of tea or cocoa and snuggle on the sofa.  Play some co-op or pick up that new sci-fi novel.
  • Play God Day (Jan 9th): Oh what’s that?  You want me to play God?  Well, I guess it’s time to boot up the Sims.
  • Appreciate a Dragon Day (Jan 16th): Read some fantasy or play Dungeons and Dragons.  Don’t forget to bring some gold and avoid the breath of fire.
  • Fun At Work Day (Jan 28th): Bring a portable gaming system with you to play on break.  Spend your day talking as though you were on a spaceship or stuck in the medieval times.  Tell a nerdy joke.  Just enjoy yourself!
  • National Puzzle Day (Jan 29th): Play your favorite puzzle game.  Pay a visit to Professor Layton.  Or go the “old-fashioned” and “traditional” way and put together one of those crazy cardboard pictures.  If you’re ambitious, go for a 1000 piece-er.
  • Wintereenmas (Jan 25-31): A holiday created by the author of the webcomic Ctrl-Alt-Del.  This week is meant to celebrate gaming.  Game with your friends and do so selflessly.  Let your girlfriend beat you at Halo.  Buy your boyfriend that new controller he’s been eying.  This holiday is pretty much the Gamer’s Christmas.


  • An Affair to Remember Month: Sometime during this month, throw a party to be remembered.  A LAN party, a Harry Potter viewing, an all-night-anime-athon.  Or, if you’re feeling in that loving February spirit, plan a special evening for your significant other.
  • Creative Romance Month: Who says romance is all flowers and pink?  If you want to be a Creative Romantic, learn about your partner.  It’s especially important for those of us who are geeky and nerdy.  Maybe you should consider a specially made entertainment center for all your Gamer’s systems and games instead of those ridiculously expensive roses.
  • National Freedom Day (Feb 1st): Living in a free country provides us with more than most of us realize on a daily basis.  Thank your lucky stars that you’re a free individual and do something to celebrate that freedom.  Shoot some zombies, browse the internet, and be glad that your freedom is secure.
  • Thank a Mailman Day (Feb 4th): How many times have you ordered something online and waited with bated breath as it made its trek to you?  How many times have you hit refresh on your package tracker?  So often we forget the people that make ordering from across the country or across the world possible.  This day, do something nice for your mail carrier.  Leave them a card in the mailbox, bake some cookies to pass along when they arrive.
  • Clean Out Your Computer Day (Feb 8th): Perhaps this isn’t something that many people want to celebrate, but I know that after cleaning out my hard drive and doing a good defrag and system clean-up, I want to throw up my hands and celebrate.  Do your computer some good and give it a good clean – inside and out.
  • Valentine’s Day (Feb 14th): “B Buttons are Red… A Buttons are Blue…” No list of holidays is complete without the big names like these.  Valentine’s Day may be an over-commercialized pressure cooker for the men of the world, but it can still be celebrated.
  • Random Acts of Kindness Day (Feb 17th): Leave a post on a blog struggling to get by.  Donate a couple of bucks to Wikipedia because you use it at least twice a day anyway.  Buy a new account something small and cool when you boot up WoW.  Just do something nice for someone who would never expect it.
  • Love Your Pet Day (Feb 20th): Turn off your computer.  Turn off your television.  Put down the books.  Put down the controllers.  Today is the day to show the fuzzy ball of love at your feet that you appreciate them as much as they appreciate you.  Get down on your hands and knees with some catnip and a laser pointer for Neko.  Get out the leash and take Inu for a long walk through the park.
  • Be Humble Day (Feb 22nd): Everyone knows how good it feels to give a hearty fist-pump or a shout of excitement when a battle has gone well.  Winning feels good.  But on this day, keep in mind those times when you were the loser.  Close your mouth and be humble.  Accept your victory with quiet dignity instead of cat-calls of “n00b.”


  • National Craft Month: Crafting doesn’t have to be done by stuffy old-ladies in nursing homes or crazy Bohemians making up new styles.  Crafting can be a great way to express your nerdy side.  Learn to cross stitch a famous character.  Draw a scene from your favorite novel.  Customize a miniature for an upcoming game.  The internet is full of nerdy crafting ideas and this is the month to get started on them.
  • Old Stuff Day (March 2nd): This is the day to celebrate the old.  Watch some retro anime.  Play Mario Brothers 3.  Read some Tolkien or Orwell.  Fire up the old Nintendo 64 or Gameboy Color.  Go back to your nerdy roots and celebrate them, for it is they who brought you to your geeky glory of today.
  • Earth Day (March 21st): As gamers and other assorted nerd-folk, we probably don’t often think about our Earth.  But it is important to remember that without her resources, we would be unable to cling to our rulebooks and game controllers.  Today, do something good for the world in which you live.  Recycle.  Use real dishes instead of paper ones.  Cook a meal at home instead of going through a drive-through.
  • National Goof-Off Day (March 22nd): We live in a world where the pace is so fast and the speed is always set to “Go.”  Instead of doing the housework or working ahead on the next big presentation, spend your evening goofing off.  And don’t feel guilty!  Pop some popcorn and let the cares melt away.  You can go back to the daily grind tomorrow.
  • National Mom and Pop Business Owner’s Day (March 29th): Mom and Pop shops are where it’s at.  If you want specialized service and great recommendations, you can’t beat them.  Today is the day to appreciate the people who own the little shops where you find your most precious gems.  Tell them thank-you and continue to devote part (if not all) of your business to them.


  • Stress Awareness Month: Stress is a terrible thing.  It eats away at you and makes you miserable.  This month is designated to discovering what it is that stresses you out and finding ways to help ease and reduce that stress.  Maybe you find video games relaxing.  Maybe it’s reading.  Maybe it’s reading -in the bath-.  Whatever helps you reduce your stress, spend this month especially aware of it and work it through the rest of the year.
  • Go For Broke Day (April 5th): This is the day to put your fears aside.  Have you always wanted to write for a video game company?  Send them your resume.  Have you been harboring a dream of voice acting?  This is the day to take the first major step.
  • Name Yourself Day (April 9th): Never had a fun nickname?  Or maybe you hate the one you have.  Well this is the day you get to choose what you want to be called.  (Even if it only lasts for a day.)
  • National Siblings Day (April 10th): Do something fun with your siblings.  Play some Mario Kart with your little brother or watch a Miyazaki film with your elder sister.
  • Organize Your Files Week (April 18-24): Maybe it’s not a holiday, per say, but if you get everything you want to organize organized, I bet you could reward yourself a little at the end of the week. ;)
  • Look-Alike Day (April 20th): The ULTIMATE cosplayer’s holiday.  This is the day when you are encouraged to look like someone else.  Cosplay like you’ve never cosplayed before!
  • East Meets West (April 25th): Japanoholics unite!  This is the day to throw an awesome party and serve food with chopsticks.  Learn to tie a kimono properly.  Have a wasabi eating contest.  Or choose a different part of the “east.”  Go out for curry or fortune cookies.  Bake your OWN fortune cookies!
  • National Karaoke Week (April 25-30): A popular tradition in Japan (and thus presented in some anime), this is the week to go out to the bars and throw inhibition to the wind.  Sing some Karaoke!  Or if you’re a little too self-conscious, get together with friends and play SingStar or ROCKBAND.  Then the only one that will hear your terrible rendition of “Still Alive” are the people who like you and the cat.
  • Tell a Story Day (April 27th): Dedicate this special day to reminiscing about the glory days gone by.  Talk about that awesome gaming session you had years ago.  Or that time you had the perfect head-shot.  Or your very first anime convention.  Or when you first saw the Star Wars films.  Or…


  • National Recommitting Month: Remember those New Years Resolutions you made?  Crap, did you forget, too?  Well never fear!  May is the month to recommit to those things you had wanted to change in the beginning of the year.  Anything you’ve been slacking on?  Well it’s time to recommit to that change.
  • National Photograph Month: It’s hard to have memories of the good times if you never take any pictures!  Luckily, we have May to remind us to take photographs of everything and anything.  Are you a blogger?  Start including more pictures in your posts!
  • Baby Day (May 2nd): Time to ingrain the nerdy traditions in the children!  If you have a child or a very young sibling or know anyone with a youngin, this is the day to do something special and geeky for them!
  • No Diet Day (May 6th): A little known fact is that Calories take a holiday on May 6th.  So today is the day to eat without remorse.  Make some Toad shaped cookies or decorate a cake too look like an Xbox.  Then eat it.  Sharing is optional.
  • Clean Up Your Room Day (May 10th): We JUST organized last month!  Is your living space already messy again? Well this is the day to get it back in shape.  If you do it fast enough, you can boot up Call of Duty later in the evening…
  • Pack Rat Day (May 17th): Have you ever noticed all those games you’ve been accumulating?  Or all the anime cluttering the shelves on your entertainment stand?  Well today is the day to celebrate you, you pack rat!  Maybe you can have your celebratory dance after you do some dusting…


  • Best Friends Day (June 8th): What fun would being a nerd be if we had no nerdy friends?  This is the day to celebrate all those crazy and unique individuals you call friends.  Put together a scrapbook and post it to your Facebook celebrating all those people who are near and dear to your heart.  Spend the day with them.  Surround yourself with your friends.
  • Sewing Machine Day (June 13th): What’s that?  You haven’t been working hard enough on your cosplay?  Well say no more!  This is Sewing Machine Day, which means you should be doing nothing but hemming and stitching and cutting and avoiding getting tangled up in all that thread!  But make sure to give your sewing machine a little TLC.  It works hard for you.
  • National Splurge Day (June 18th): Probably one of the best holidays ever invented.  This is the day you get to spend some of your hard-earned money on that special thing you’ve always wanted.  Is that a top-loader from the depths of ebay?  Or maybe a limited edition figurine released years ago that you know you could track down if you wanted to?  Go ahead!  It’s Splurge Day!


  • National Anti-Boredom Month: July is a month where you are not allowed to be bored.  Are you sick of the same old games?  Find a new one!  Or rediscover an old one!  Or break out of your box entirely and try something so new and crazy you can’t possibly be bored with it.  Jump all over your hobbies and keep the boredom beast at bay.
  • Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day (July 1st): Eat some delicious ice cream today.  But don’t just let it be ice cream.  Go somewhere where you can “mix-and-match” your treat and then name it something nerdy.  Perhaps your confection is “Animazing” or full of “Byte-sized cookie chunks.”  Have fun!
  • Video Games Day (July 8th): Do I have to say anything here?
  • Embrace Your Geekiness Day (July 13th): Wear a geeky shirt in public.  Have a loud conversation on the bus about the propulsion systems of the ships of varying science fiction universes.  You’re a geek.  And that is wonderful.
  • Be a Dork Day (July 15th): Make terrible puns.  Tell really old jokes.  Let loose and be a little dorky.


  • Family Fun Month: Gaming and Anime can be great family fun.  Rent Panyo Panyo Digi Charat for the kids in your life.  Introduce your parents to the wonders of the Wii.  Share the love.  Share the geek.
  • Friendship Day (Aug 1st): Perhaps similar to “Best Friends Day,” there are never enough opportunities to thank the people who continue to associate with you even after a full night in line waiting for the midnight release of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.
  • Book Lover’s Day (Aug 9th): Take a trip to the library.  Clean your own.  Surround yourself in tomes and pages of the physical entities of wisdom and knowledge that you so dearly love.
  • National Thrift Shop Day (Aug 17th): This is the day to make a trip to your local thrift store.  Take $20 (or $10 if you want a challenge), and come out with something exciting and nerdy!


  • National Self-Improvement Month: It isn’t often that we do something just for the sake of improving ourselves.  This is the month to do just that.  You can twist this into a geeky fashion as well. Are you sick of asking people how to use Excel, learn yourself this month.  Make yourself a better person.  Gloat a little less and give a little more.
  • Wonderful Weirdo Day (Sept 9th): Being weird is spectacular.  Today, celebrate it.  Dance down the sidewalk.  Play with your fork at dinner.  Make whooshing noises as revolving door moves.  Pretend you’re using the Force to open automatic doors.  Hey, it’s just for today.
  • National Comic Books Day (Sept 25th): Celebrate Batman and Robin and Wolverine and Superman.  Buy a comic book.  Reminisce about the days when you used to read them.


  • Techie’s Day (Oct 3rd): Love the computer?  Great at building system mods?  Today is the day to celebrate you.  Have some cake.
  • It’s My Party Day (Oct 11th): Who needs a real reason to celebrate?  This is the day to throw the biggest, most awesome party you’ve ever thrown.  Theme it in something epically nerdy, okay?  And send pictures.
  • Make a Difference Day (Oct 25th): This is the day to be thankful for what you have and share what excess you possess.  Donate to Child’s Play or any other charity you feel is worthy.  Give.  It’s good for your soul.
  • Halloween (Oct 31st): Come on, I’ve given you enough reasons to cosplay.  But you’d better make this one a good one.  It’s the only culturally acceptable day to prance around in an elaborate costume in public.  Love it up.


  • National Novel Writing Month: Join the bandwagon.  Maybe you’ll get published and you can buy me a PS3.  Or the games I still want to play.  Or maybe I should just join the bandwagon myself.
  • Cook Something Bold Day (Nov 8th): Today is the day to go outside of the box in the kitchen.  Turn that lying cake into a delicious truth.  Make Koopa Cupcakes.  Find some obscure nerdy reference to food and find a recipe.  Go shopping.  Make it.  Send me a sample.
  • Game and Puzzle Week (Nov 14-20): GAME!  DO IT NOW!


  • National Dice Day (Dec 4th): This is the day when you all buy me amazing dice and send them to me.  Not convinced?  Okay, roll some dice and play some Dungeons and Dragons or World of Darkness.
  • Santa’s List Day (Dec 5th): Make your Christmas List because Santa’s checking his twice.
  • Go Caroling Day (Dec 20th): If you can turn regular yuletide carols into awesome geeky ones, you must tape them and post them on the internet for all to see.  And then invite me to come along with you.  Because I love to sing and I love being a geek!
  • Christmas (Dec 25th): Have a silent night.  Use your headphones.
  • New Year’s Eve (Dec 31st): And now you’ve made it!  A whole year of nerdy holidays.  Ready to start all over again?  Let’s do it!

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