Think of Us Gamers

Dear Nintendo. Dear Sony.  Dear Microsoft.  Dear Ubisoft.  Dear EA Games.  Dear Square Enix.  Dear every other game developer out there.  Dear designers.  Dear writers.  Dear programmers.  Dear composers.  Dear executives.  Dear grunts.  Dear everyone with more control over the games I play than I have.

Think of us gamers, they’re you’re heart and soul.  Think of us gamers, who purchase what you put out no matter how hard you’ve screwed us over in the past.  Think of us gamers who continue to trust and believe in you.  Think of us gamers.  Think of us, please.

It is not the system that we gamers value above all else.  While we will care for and maintain our systems in whatever ridiculous form is needed of us, we purchased that system for a reason.  We gamers purchased our systems to play video games.  That is what we gamers do.  We play the video games that run on these systems.  And I come to you in open plea, asking you to think of us gamers when you do your work.  It is us who you are supposed to be working for, is it not?

Nay, it is the game we gamers value.  That is why they call us “gamers.”  They do not call us “systemers.”  We are not called “Wiiers” or “Playstationers” or “Xboxers”.  No, we carry the title “Gamer.”  And we are proud to bear said title.  We are called “gamer” because it is the game that makes us.  Outside of systems and genres and fanboyish loyalties, we are united not by the software in the plastic casing, but by the desire to enjoy ourselves through an electronic medium.  We are united by the game.

And it is the game that I fear for.  In this age of new technology, the systems have gotten better and better.  And it seems the game is following.  But in talking to other gamers, the talk tends to revolve around the system and not the game.  When is the new system coming out?  What will it do?  Project Natal.  Playstation 4.  DSiXXL.  All this speculation and hype around the system.

But where is the game?  Oh where is the game?  Where has it gone?  And why do you sit back and let it happen?  Why do you stand by and let us flounder?

Your systems are expensive.  And the more expensive your system, the more expensive your game.  We gamers cannot afford to keep up with you.  Many of us are poor.  Many of us are struggling.  Many of us live pay-check to pay-check.  Even though we bear that badge emblazoned “Gamer” with pride, if it comes to choosing between a meal and batteries for the controller, we choose the meal.  Every time you put out a new system, it becomes more expensive than the last one.  And you pump them out so rapidly.  They come relentlessly, begging us to keep up with the times.  But our money is not as endless as the ocean, though your systems seem to be.

Realize that your systems are good.  You do not need to try so hard.  Let them run their course naturally.  Shoving a new system down our throats every four years is not necessary.  We appreciate the work you’ve done.  Let us admire it.

Please make the most of your systems.  I implore you to realize that you are not reaching the full potential of these systems we gamers have lovingly integrated into our homes.  There is so much more that can be done.  It is the game that should be the focus now.  The system is good.  Not perfect, but nothing ever is.  We gamers can be understanding.  We can realize that you make mistakes.  But please do not hurt us.  Do not take the trust we’ve placed in you and stomp all over it.  That does not bode well for you.  Spend your time on the games.  The GAMES.  I beg of you.  Improve the graphics, the controls, the stories, the voice acting, the load times, the frame rates, the bugs, the glitches.  Bring us better stories, better soundtracks.  Work on new game ideas, not system ideas.  Give us games that are fast and sweet; give us games that are in-depth and philosophical.  Give us games full of action.  Give us games full of love.  Give us games of humor, of horror.  Give us games.

Give us games.

Give us games.

On behalf of us gamers, I understand you will probably never see this.  But I am compelled to post it nonetheless.  Think of us in the coming year.  Bring us what we crave, and we will reward you in turn.

Think of us gamers, dear Video Game Companies.  Think of us gamers, those who create our pastime.

Think of us gamers.


Your friendly bloghost: Nateal Falk aka Hotpinkjoystick


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