Hoth on Earth

For those of you who have been blissfully unaware of the weather pounding the middle of the United States, I bring you an update and a reality check.  Sometimes, I don’t think people realize how severe the weather can get in a place without hurricanes or earthquakes.  But when the weather here gets bad, it gets bad.

Some of you may remember media coverage of the flood this past spring.  It was the worst flood my community had ever seen, and we came together to fill well over a million sandbags to keep the river back.

This weather is pretty much as severe.

We are in the middle of what is now being called the “Christmas 2009 Blizzard.”  It has been a thing of absolute icy fury.  Some people seem to be under the impression that it’s not a big deal, that we should be able to drive where we need to get to and do what we wanted to do.  It’s not that simple.  And for anyone familiar with the Star Wars world “Hoth,” this video will be even more hilarious.

The following is a video taken by my fiance on my new iPod nano.  (I’m amazed at the quality.)  Enjoy a look at what we faced when trying to get out to just get some groceries this early afternoon.  Keep in mind that this video was taken two hours after the blizzard was supposed to have been over.


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