Cell Phone Straps

Popular Japanese culture is a fascinating world. Something that is extremely commonplace in Japanese culture, and not so ordinary in American culture is the use of what are called “straps” to decorate cell phones. Now, while America did go through a phase full of cell phone covers and sleeves and even bejeweled stickers, cell phone straps have remained an anomaly.

For this, I am honestly sort of sad.

Cell phone straps are inexpensive, adorable ways to express individuality. In Japan, they’re often used as such, as well as ways to keep a smaller cell phone from being lost or dropped by providing a place to grab that phone from your pocket or the bottom of the purse.

Here’s a couple of pictures of a typical Japanese phone. ^.^


Phone 2

It’s not entirely uncommon for cell phones to become completely overtaken by these adorable charms in Japan.  Cell phones can become quite bulky and heavy when someone overdoes the customizations.  But that isn’t to say that everyone goes that far.

Like the look?  Wish you had a cute cell phone strap of your own?  Well you’re in luck.  Most American phones have the place to attach a strap.  (Just look for what appears to be an unnecessary hole on your phone.  It’s usually where the hinge is on a flip-style phone.)  And there’s plenty of places to get cell phone straps.  However, the BEST place I’ve come across so far is a website called Strapya World.

Strapya has tons of different cell phone charms that are always changing as they sell out of certain styles and get new ones in.  They carry anime style charms, novelty styles, Hello Kitty, good-luck charms, and even some sort of practical cell phone straps.  Here’s some images from straps that I’m looking forward to someday attaching to my own cell phone.

TsubasaFortune TellerAkihabaraSakuraFlying SailorDragonballMew!JirachiPaper LanturnJingle BellCactusMoss BallBaby Plant


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