Don We Now Our Game Apparel!

I know I already did one Christmas shopping list on Game Apparel, but when you really start to dig into the internet, you come up with SO much of it! And honestly, as far as clothing is concerned, prices on this awesome T-shirts are extremely reasonable. (Especially when you get back from the mall after looking through American Eagle and Hollister and such and realize they want $30+ for a T-shirt sized big enough for your ten-year-old cousin.)

Here’s some apparel from J!NX, a really exciting website I came upon by chance. On the website right now, they also have a handy “Holiday Gift Guide.” Here are a few of the T-shirts they offer in the “For Her” section. (I’m starting to realize that I gravitate toward Space Invader themed items…)

Magic Missle


Way of the Woman

Onna Otaku

Talk Nerdy to Me


Tetris God

Like a Girl

Next we’ll move onto Split Reason. This website is absolutely to DIE for. I just might. ^.^ Here’s a selection of the best T-shirts. Go show them some love and look for these wonderful designs.

AT ATAwesome
LinkSplit Reason

Tying back into the fact that I put up a couple items from the webcomic Megatokyo, I figured it was just fine that I’d put up a few items from my seriously all time favorite webcomic, Control-Alt-Delete. If you’re not familiar with the comic, you need to be. After all, every gamer should be celebrating Wintereenmas.


This is the 2010 Wintereenmas design. It’s a D-pad made into a snowflake. That is awesome. You should get it. But not before me. And I want this in both the baby tee and the hooded sweatshirt. ^.^

Here’s a couple more T-shirt designs.

Player 4LOLcat
Lasers4 Player

Other things I want involving Ctrl-Alt-Del? Glad you asked… They have posters, mugs, and books of the comics. <3.

And here concludes Wishlist, part 3.  One more part to go~


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