… To Be J-List~

So my next post was going to be the rest of the clothing for the Ultimate Christmas List, but I got distracted by Hello Kitty and J-List.  So, all of the gifts you’ll be seeing today are compliments of J-List.  Please note that all of these items can be found in a wishlist of mine on J-List for your shopping convenience.  (Okay, really, it was more for mine.  Do you have any idea how tedious it is to collect the pictures AND their individual links?!) There will be more items on the wishlist, so for “additional content” as it were, CLICK THAT LINK! (And maybe buy something for your friendly bloghost as a thank-you for all the hard work. ^.^ I’m just kidding!)

Let’s start in the Hello Kitty department. (Considering that was my first search. You all should be grateful, I’m doing all the hard parts of your geeky Christmas Shopping for you. :P) The first thing I found after toothbrushes, forks, and toilet paper with Hello Kitty’s face all over them was this:
Bath Set
This Hello Kitty Bath Set comes complete with three packs of “bath powder” a Hello Kitty shampoo bottle that you can fill and keep behind the shower curtains, and a bar of too-adorable strawberry soap. *squee*

Considering I had been talking about going back to school and such, let’s look at a couple of school-oriented Hello Kitty items. >.>
Pencil BagNotebook

Who loves Japanese snacks? I LOVE JAPANESE SNACKS!! This official Sanrio knit bag comes stuffed with a sampling of Hello Kitty themed snacks!

Oh my gosh. Would I love to start making bento for lunches next semester? You bet I would! Would I like my rice to be Hello Kitty shaped? WHY ARE YOU ASKING?! You can find this and many more Hello Kitty bento accessories on the Wishlist.
Bento Shaper

This bowl is shaped in the image of a sakura (cherry blossom) petal and decorated in Hello Kitty. Get five of them, and I can just see them sitting on a table filled with chips and other snacks at my next (note: first) anime viewing party.

This book is so awesome. It’s a crafting book full of Sanrio characters, Hello Kitty included. The book teaches you to make your own Hello Kitty themed bags and other neat crafty things. While it appears to be completely in Japanese, I think it would be a great motivator for me to both learn to sew better and speak/read better Japanese.
Craft Book

Had enough Hello Kitty?  That’s okay, J-List has MUCH more to offer than just Hello Kitty paraphernalia. ^.^  Let’s see what else we can dredge up.  Ooh!  Looks like it’s time for some calendars.

Now, as J-List Reviews are quick to note, Eastern Calendars are not quite like Western calendars.  Most are quite large, equating to a poster-sized item here in the States.  They also often begin the week on Monday as opposed to Sunday, so if you can’t read the Japanese, try not to get too confused. ^.^

The first calendar I’d like to showcase is from one of my favorite anime movies by one of my favorite artists — My Neighbor Totoro by Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli.
A Week in the Forest

Ohmigosh, Ohmigosh, Ohmigosh. I would seriously KILL to have this as my planner for the upcoming school year. It is SO KAWAII! EEEEEEEE! I love Totoro, and this would make an awesome planner. (You absolutely must check out the J-List listing for this item to appreciate how expansive it is.)

Lucky Star is one of my new favorite animes. It is far too cute for it’s own good. See the calendar.
Lucky Star Calendar

Would you like to wish someone you love good luck in their new relationship venture? Have a wedding to go to and want to take something personal and uncommon? Just want to impress your parents/grandparents/newlywed friends this Christmas? Why don’t you try this adorable owl statue? Owls are a traditional symbol of good luck, and the little heart is pretty dang universal.

I’ve always wanted a very impressive, expensive, painted anime figurine. Right now, I have an itty-bitty one that came in a capsule. While adorable, she is quite obviously mass-produced and small enough to stuff back into the capsule from whence she came. Now, this particular figure isn’t ridiculously overpriced, and it’s Konata, my FAVORITE character from Lucky Star!

This is a popular New Year’s item in Japan known as a Lucky Bag. It’s full of random items valued at much more than what you pay for the bag. But it’s a surprise. This particular bag is full of cultural items as well as supplemental Japanese learning materials. I would love this to show up at my front door. ^.^  (Note: There are also these types of grab bags in anime/gaming goods.  I’ve wishlisted that as well.)
Lucky Bag

This figurine is Aru Majutu from the Good Smile Company. The detail seen within is so typical of the worksmanship I admire so much in these figures and showcases why I want one so badly.

And then I almost had a heart attack. I’ll have to do a blog post on Touhou coming up soon so that my readers who aren’t familiar with the amazing game series understand why I nearly fell off the couch.

This is Alice Margatroid.

And this is Flandre Scarlet.

This goes back a bit earlier in my post, but still. ^.^ I would love to learn to make Bento. And here we have a bento cookbook!

While I”m not going to be posting all the pictures here, you can find a wide array of Japanese study aids on J-List, a number of them I’ve added to the wishlist linked at the beginning of this post.

This is the Otaku Encyclopedia. I have heard amazing things about this.

And as always, J-List has a HOST of Japanese snacks to delight the most timid and adventurous of tastebuds. I added a bunch of those to my Wishlist as well, but snacks are a very personal thing, so you should feel free to do some browsing on your own there!


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