‘Tis the Season…

Yes, it’s officially December.  And I realize that it’s been too long since I’ve posted something to the blog again.  While this post isn’t really super awesome, it is going to showcase a lot of what I consider to be awesome gifts for this holiday season.  After all, how often are people asking you what you want for Christmas?  Do you really have any idea?  I sure didn’t…

(Yes, this is a rather selfish post.  But it will be fun for me.  So sit back and enjoy the nerdy swag.)

I’m actually going to split this into two posts.  This first one will be mostly clothing items and other such accessories.  Tomorrow, I’ll post up things that are more… well, electronic and miscellaneous in nature. ^.^ (Bet you can’t guess what the title of tomorrow’s post will be. >D)

Since I’m going back to school next semester, I’ll need something nerdy to carry my books to class in. ^.^

Gesshoku Designs has a couple of neat bags that I would be proud to have around my shoulder to and from classes. Take a look at the Game Love and Fuzzy Kitten styles.

Game Love Messenger Bag

Fuzzy Kitten

Gesshoku also has all sorts of awesome shirts.  Everything from adorable sleepy shirts to cute tops to wear around town.  Here’s some pictures of the ones I like the most.  All the shirts can be found very easily on the Gesshoku site.

Sakura PetalsNya!Maneki NekoDoki DokiMochiBlushFlails

Gesshoku also has a few sets of really neat pins to put on those wonderful messenger bags I posted at the beginning in the post. (These can also be found very easily on Gesshoku’s main site.)

Yin YangsYuriSmilies 1Smilies 2

Now we’ll move on to Megagear. This site is the official Megatokyo Webcomic swag site. Even if you’re not familiar with the webcomic, they have some pretty awesome shirts. (With lots of l33t writing.) And let’s just note: the blanket totally made me squee out loud.

BlanketFear the Cute Ones

Next up on the roster is a site that goes by the name Far Out Shirts. They’ve got a lot of really neat shirts (including a few Star Trek and Star Wars shirts I didn’t include in the following pictures.) Any one of these would make me feel proud in the grocery store.

Learn To PlayGray EyesDice DecideRPGNessieHello Cthullu

Another random shuffle leads us to the ever popular Think Geek. While a lot of people may know Think Geek for their awesome gadgets and other miscellaneous geeky stoofs (probably showcased tomorrow), today we’ll focus on the apparel.

AirdropUnder AttackIn A BottleSerenityStar TrekRofl CopterRock Paper Scissors

Threadless Tees Have an IMMENSE variety of T-shirts. So you really have to search to find some good nerdy ones. Here’s a few I found that are wonderful!! (Some of you may recognize the last one from a much earlier blog post. )

They're RealThe RevolutionNutritiousCombo

Well!  That is certainly a lot of clothing ideas!  To be completely honest, there are a few more sites I have bookmarked I could peruse, but it is FAR too late for me to still be awake.  Stay tuned for more wishlisting!


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