Hugely Nerdy Undertakings

So it’s been forever since I’ve posted again.  I promise I’m going to get better about this.  I swear.  Honestly.

Do you believe me yet?

Anyway, I’ve been doing a lot of soul-searching lately.  For those that care, I’m working on getting back into a four-year college for classes starting this upcoming spring semester.  While I have no idea what I’m planning on doing for the rest of my life, I’ve been working on at least getting some sort of an idea as to what that something might be.  The more I think about it, the more I want to dedicate my life to something I’m passionate about.  As this blog is tribute to, one of those things is gaming (and other nerdly pursuits).

I guess I’m bringing all of that up because said thoughts were only further solidified when I was doing what I usually do to unwind after work — spend some time with the great god StumbleUpon.  And what I came across was perhaps one of the most spectacular things of all time.  It was a blog (which then led me to a forum) dedicated to crafting around video games.  A lot of it was cross stitching.  And what do you suppose I discovered?

This.  Pattern.

Pokemon Cross Stitch Pattern

Yes, you’re looking at that right.  That is a cross stitch pattern containing the sprite of every single first generation Pokemon using the game sprites via Fire Red and Leaf Green.  151 individual Pokemon span a canvas of aida 27 x 15 inches in area.  The full pattern, printed at 75% size, spans a massive poster-sized piece of paper which I can only approximate is about 50 inches long.  The pattern contains 104 separate thread colors and contains 115,200 stitches.  Yes, that’s right.  The stitches number in the hundred-thousands.

What some may call a monstrosity, I call a dream.  Cross stitching is something I’ve discovered carries an almost meditative effect for me.  And to find this amazing website with patterns like this hiding all over the place, I can only shiver in excitement.  What’s more is that I’ve begun the undertaking of this massive project.

Some further information on the website and creator of the pattern.  The website is known as Sprite Stitch, and their blog can now be linked to via my blogroll. (It is DEFINITELY worth checking out. Promise!)  A user well known on the site for his amazing pattern creations brought this crazy creation to life.  He goes by the name Servotron.  (He has also done some amazing Zelda cross stitchings, which can be found all over the Sprite Stitch forums.)

Thus far, I have printed my pattern, purchased my aida, about 1/10 of the total colors, and begun the stitching process.  I’m starting with Blastoise, and I’ll be working my way back and forth until I finish.  The going rate is supposedly about 10 months to complete this project, but I’m guessing it will take me longer.  I’ll post again with pictures of my startings soon.  (By soon, I mean when I get batteries for my camera. >.>)


2 thoughts on “Hugely Nerdy Undertakings

  1. Hi, nice blog! I was just wondering how the epic pokemon cross stitch is coming along? I’m one of the mad people at Sprite Stitch who’s stitching this :D
    Anyways, good luck with it and I’ll be following you to see how it goes ^^

  2. Thanks for commenting and reading! I love it when people who actually care about the content of my blog come along as opposed to some of these really random searches that lead intertubers to the site. O.o

    I’ll have a post up in the next week or so (over Christmas break time) on my progress with the pattern. I haven’t made it very far yet. (Not even one Pokemon), but if I do a lot of stitching today and tomorrow, I hope to have something much better as an update!

    Thanks again for reading!!

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